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ART: Top 4 galleries to see in Tbilisi. By Zlata Mai (

( Art life of Tbilisi is in full swing. The selective metropolitan public always has something to choose from: numerous museums and galleries offer exhibitions and art events to suit any taste. Classical Georgian art is becoming more and more demanded on the world scene, and innovative genres in the artists’ oeuvre have opened a new page for the art life of the capital.

Fall2013/Winter2014 promise to be eventful: the most significant galleries lift the veil off their exhibition plans for the next few months. Don’t miss it!

Here is our MUST SEE list!

 1. Oat Gallery and 144 stairs café.
With one of the best views, overlooking Tbilisi and its successful exhibitions make this place an absolute must-see both for local and tourists. When going up to the gallery through the narrow streets of Narikala hill don’t forget to count the steps – 144 – and you’re on the spot!

 November - Nino Lomadze personal exhibition “Find what you love and let it kill you”
FebruaryShako Kobaladze personal exhibition.

March - prominent Georgian artist Misha Shengelia’s paintings will be shown under “Over draft” project.

 Silamazis Shesaxvevi, 14 Tbilisi

Tel: 599 72 09 06

 2. Art-Gallery Vanda.
Many famous artists were brought up within Vanda’s walls, the oldest gallery in the city. Alexandr and Vanda Mujiri, the founders, are open to any kinds of arts – thats why performances as well as photo and video installations regularly take place at Vanda. The gallery was the first in the city to exhibit contemporary Georgian art at international art-fairs and salons.

 November, 12th – personal exhibition by Tato Akhalkatsishvili. Visitors will be able to see 10 paintings of this young but already well-known artist made in a new style and technique.

December – Traditional Christmas fair will gather up to 10 artists. Don’t miss a chance to see paintings, graphics, ceramics and jewelry works by both renowned and young, beginning artists. Otar Sharabidze and Anzor Mikadze, with whom the gallery has been cooperating for 18 years, will later introduce decorative arts – ceramics and glass works. The artists are big friends: they are mainly exhibited together and have some collaborations.

 Chonkadze St, 14, Tbilisi

If you are promenading about Chardin street, you can easily walk into the Baia Gallery. Located in the very center of the city, in a fancy historical 2-storeyed building, the gallery focuses on the XX-XI centuries of Georgian art, as well as its engaging activities such as auction and publishing projects, informational services and estimation of artworks. You can buy books, catalogs and reproductions with Georgian artists’ works there as well.

 January, 2014Petr Bletkin’s (1903-1988) personal exhibition will be on display as a part of «Cultural Heritage» series. Visitors will be able to see paintings and graphic works from different periods of this prominent Georgian artist’s life, and experience all contrasts of his creativity – from social realism to abstraction.

February, 2014 – new cycle of exhibitions “At the Crossroads” will demonstrate works of Georgian artists that Baia Gallery introduced in London at Sotheby’s in 2013. First show out of 3 will be personal exhibition of Kote Sulaberidze “The Garden Around Me”

March, 2014“Cultural Heritage” series exhibition will take place representing 10 masterpieces of Georgian art: works by Elene Ahvlediani, Mose Toidze, Lado Gudiashvili, David Kakabadze and other outstanding artists – an absolute must-see!

April, 2014 – personal exhibition of Merab Abramishvili “Silk” part of “At the Crossroads” exhibition cycle.

May, 2014 – personal exhibition of Irakli Parajiani “ The Landscapes” part of “At the Crossroads” exhibition cycle.

 Chardin St, 10

Tel: +995 32 275 45 10, + 995 599 50 53 02

Gamrekeli’s Gallery – Museum is located in the house of known Georgian artist Irakly Gamrekeli and consists of two parts. The first one – a museum where one can get acquainted with the archive of the artist and his private library, and also see a constant exhibition of Georgian modernists and contemporary artist’s works. Temporary exhibitions, of both Georgian and foreign artists, are placed in the second part.

Fall-Winter season at Gamrekeli will be marked with the exposition of absolutely new works of well-known Georgian artists. We can say that visitors will be able to witness a real Georgian art scene, “Stars Gathering”. Both individual and joint exhibitions will present a lot of significant artists’ names.

October, 27thOleg Timchenko will present 18 new paintings united under his “Black and White” series. All works are made especially for Gamrekeli Gallery.

November,15th –  the gallery will be introducing 25 new paintings and an installation by Misha Shengelia.

November, 30th – December, 12th - Ushangi Khumarashvili will present his new collection consisting of 15 works.

December, 16th -27th - Christmas fair will be on display at Gamrekeli showcasing artist such as Vakho Bugadze, Koka Tskhvediani, Kote Jincharadze, Gia Gugushvili and other well-known names will unite in this joint exhibition.

January 14th – 25th – when all the Christmas and New Year holidays are over, Gamrekeli Gallery will be holding personal exhibition of Rokho Iremashvili. Born in 1979 in Tbilisi, this 35-year old artist, holder of a Master’s degree of Stuttgart State Art Academy, found glory outside Georgia and was exposed in various European cities.

 Ingorovka, 14 Tbilisi

Tel. 0322 99 57 23

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