Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TRAVEL: A journey through Georgia's Soviet past - with the photographers Helene Veilleux & Maurice Wolf ( via @JAKOFM

( A journey through Georgia's Soviet past Photographer Maurice Wolf was born in the Netherlands, but spent much of his formative years away from home living in places like Berlin and the United States. Eventually he made his way to Georgia. It was there that he met Helene Veilleux, a French photographer and an aficionado of Soviet architecture. The two formed an instant professional bond. Together, the two founded Brutal Tours, one of the most niche tours in Georgia. Brutal Tours takes you on a journey through the ghosts of Georgia's Soviet past, in which you can witness the melancholic beauty of Josef Stalin's cable car roads, the former glory of a Soviet sanitarium, and even explore the first astronomical observatory built in the former USSR hidden away in the remote hills of Abastumani. Whichever tour you choose, you senses will not be disappointed.

Photographers Maurice Wolf and Helene Veilleux discuss Brutal Tours and their time living in Georgia. © JAKO FM
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