Sunday, July 05, 2009

NEWS: 3 Jul 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 500 (

Baku’s Warming Ties to Israel Anger Iran
Tehran’s attempt to scupper Israeli president’s visit gets nowhere, as Baku decides ties to Israel take priority over Islamic solidarity. By Kenan Guluzade in Baku (CRS No. 500, 3-July-09)
UN Withdrawal Leaves Border Georgians Fearful
Georgian minority in Abkhazia feels especially exposed now international monitor are packing their bags. By Irakli Lagvilava in Zugdidi and Anaid Gogorian in Sukhum (CRS No. 500, 3-July-09)
Armenia: Departing Phone Giant Claims Unfair Competition
Russian firm’s pull-out reignites debate on extent of illegal imports. By Armenak Chatinian in Yerevan (CRS No. 500, 3-July-09)

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