Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ARTICLE: Bruce Willis More Like Putin Than Saakashvili (themoscowtimes.com)

By Matthew Collin

Summertime in Georgia has eased by lazily without the grim prophecies of a renewed confrontation with Russia being fulfilled. But while the guns have generally remained silent, filmmakers have been keeping themselves busy with cinematic interpretations of last year’s firestorm. The latest attempt to offer the “truth” about the August 2008 war is a documentary called “Russian Lessons,” and unlike previous Russian-made efforts, it has been receiving some positive notices in the Georgian media.

This is partly because one of its directors, Andrei Nekrasov, is hardly a Kremlin apologist. (His last film was about the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning scandal). In contrast to the ludicrous battlefield thriller “Olympus Inferno” and the partisan documentary “War 08.08.08: The Art of Betrayal,” Nekrasov’s movie apparently provides “overwhelming evidence of a Russian imperialist plot,” according to Georgian television station Rustavi-2. In other words, it backs the Georgian interpretation of the showdown over South Ossetia.

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