Friday, September 11, 2009

ART: Superstar in Love. New Drawings by Salome Machaidze

Yesterday I have seen my friend Nini Palavandishvili. We had a conversation about many things for example the political situation in this region, the mentality of Georgians, the art in Georgia and above all about the magnum project from foreign photographers in Georgia.
Result of all was the catalog from the magnum photographers about Georgia. We agree each other that this book is a great document about different aims in this official project. You can see there different point of views about Georgia. I think for the Georgian Government is this exhibition not really a success but for the western world is it a good quality ... Maybe this photos could be a "picturesque turn" for the daily life there ...

Late in the evening Nini told me more about Salome Machaidze. She has published in facebook her new drawings. At the time Salome is living in Berlin. Last year we invited her for an exhibition in Leipzig. But now you can see her new works here.

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