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Following to successful completion of several sketches by director Besso Kupreishvili in Batumi during 1988 in Children's Art Studio "Mtiebi" (Leader N. Nijaradze) the idea of founding the Finger Theatre was established. On June 7, 1991 in "Actor's House" adult theatre-studio "99+2" was presented with performance "Extravaganza". The performance was presented with new, unique way and established closer contact with the audience by means of costumed fingers, which had an impressive influence on the spectators with its creativity. That is the reason theatre-studio was called as "Finger Theatre" and despite its varying and wide range of performances it carries the same name up till now and the performance "Extravaganza" became its "visit card". "Finger Theatre" is one of the first underground theatres in Georgia, which became prominent as soon as it was established and occupied its own place in Georgian Theatrical space. 

In 1993 based on scenic novels, which were created as a result of studio type working, the director B. Kupreisvili presented to audience the performance called "Permanence". The performance is nonverbal, where the human life the philosophical side and importance of relationships are exposed permanently, but with single standpoint.

In 1993 Children's Art Studio "Mtiebi" and theatre-studio presented B. Korostilov's "Pirosmani" (Director B. Kupreishvili, Artist N. Nijaradze, B. Beselia, Musical Design I. Bardanashvili). Together with actor B. Mikautidze young 8-12 years old actors took part in the performance, which gave it more sincerity, attraction and emphasized the truthfulness of main hero's (Pirosmani) creative work. 

In 1993 Batumi audience witnessed the performance called "Lively Pictures" with the participation of adolescent actors (Director and Musical Design B. Kupreishvili, Artist N. Nijaradze). This performance is also nonverbal, where the famous paintings and pictures are actualized on stage by movement and plastic arts, which gives them more significance and are provided to the audience as on fixed moment of human life. 

In 1994 theatre-studio invited director D. Matskhonashvili, who offered to audience "Eskorial" by Michel de Calderode.

In 1994 B. Kurpeishvili tries his skills in the field of absurdity. He presented the "Simply". Come and Go"(come and 96) by S. Bacath. Participation of senior stage masters gave the performance entirely unexpected and modern tension and showed to audience the awareness to meet the last minutes of life, transformation into the new world and feeling of life's vanity.

In 1995 together with actors Z. Sturua and M. Abuladze, B. Kupreishvili presented "A&B" by Maty Unt, which in the same year was awarded the nomination - "The most daring idea and its realization".

Therefore "Finger Theatre's" work was not bounded only by studio type performances or directed only in single course, however together with completed performances the studio type working was continued and in 1994-1995 theatre-studio offered Batumi several street performances ("Palmando", "Bolero", "Globe"), by means of which it became possible to hold the public ceremony.

Since 1995 till 2000 due to movement to new building and its reconstruction "Finger Theater" temporarily stopped studio-based work and mainly was engaged in the following tours: 


2009 Iran."International Fedjr Festival."

2008 Lithuania.Staging the perfprmance "My Hamlet"(by William Shakespeare)

2008 Tour around Lithuania:Vilnius,Klipeda,Kaunas,paneveji,Shauliai,etc.

2007 Egypt.International Festival of Experimental Theatres

2007 Lithuania."Druskininkai"Festival

2007 Kazakhstan.Cultural days of Georgia

2006 Yerevan."High Fest"

2005 Turkey.Cultural Days Of Georgia

2003 Reshon-Lesion, Israel. 

2001 Scarborough, Bristol, Edinburgh, London - United Kingdom. 

2000-2001 Trabzon, Turkey. Theatrical Festival of Black Sea Countries. 

1999 - Baku, Azerbaijan. Georgian Culture Days. 

1998 - Di, FranceGeorgian Culture Days. 

1997 - Charleville -Messier, France. The World Festival of Puppet Theatres.

2000 - The performance "Matrioshka" by Turkish playwright Tunjur Gugenoglus was staged (Director M. Lebanidze, Actors: Eka Chavleishvili and Zaza Goguadze). 

2001 - The project "FESTIvali"-t was completed.

2003 - The project "Caucasus Aleatory" took place.

February 6, 2006 - the official presentation of "Fingers Theatre" took place in Tbilisi. 

Since 2007 till present the performances and the rehearsals of "FINGERS THEATRE" take place in "MARJANISHVILI STATE DRAMA THEATRE".


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