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E-BOOK: Padraic Colum (1881–1972). The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived before Achilles. 1921. (


Part I. The Voyage to Colchis

Chapter XII. The Mountain Caucasus

THEY rested in the harbor of Thynias, the desert island, and sailing from there they came to the land of the Mariandyni, a people who were constantly at war with the Bebrycians; there the hero Polydeuces was welcomed as a god. Twelve days afterward they passed the mouth of the River Callichorus; then they came to the mouth of that river that flows through the land of the Amazons, the River Thermodon. Fourteen days from that place brought them to the island that is filled with the birds of Ares, the god of war. These birds dropped upon the heroes heavy, pointed feathers that would have pierced them as arrows if they had not covered themselves with their shields; then by shouting, and by striking their shields with their spears, they raised such a clamor as drove the birds away.

They sailed on, borne by a gentle breeze, until a gulf of the sea opened before them, and lo! a mountain that they knew bore some mighty name. Orpheus, looking on its peak and its crags, said, “Lo, now! We, the Argonauts, are looking upon the mountain that is named Caucasus!”

When he declared the name the heroes all stood up and looked on the mountain with awe. And in awe they cried out a name, and that name was “Prometheus!”

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