Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DIASPORA: Armenian Festival in Canada to Highlight Komitas (

The Third Moncton Armenian Festival will kick off in the Canadian city November 26 to 29, and this year the focus will be on Komitas, Armenia’s legendary composer, ethnographer, poet and specialist in folk dance and the study of music.Four days will be filled with activities and discoveries of the world of Komitas: a big opening show, three exhibitions, two concerts and a mini-film festival.Organizers are promising a feast for the senses leading to understanding, sharing and communicating about Armenia, whose rich but tormented history dates back at least 2,000 years.The festival was initiated by members of the Maritimes Armenian Association, which unites about 200 families in the Maritime provinces.Each year’s festival has been planned to take the public on a different voyage of discovery – from the origins of the great historical Armenia to the contemporary Republic of Armenia and the grand Armenian diaspora in the world.

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Nice. Events like this one are always very much enjoyable. Great to see different cultures in our country. That is what diversity is about.