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EXHBITION: L I M B O - Photographies by Guram Tsibakhashvili and Pieter Vandermeer (


8-18 December, 2010

Georgian Museum of Literature

Cultural foundation “Tato” with financial support of Open Society-Georgia Foundation is organising an exhibition of photographs from the archives of photographers Guram Tisbakhashvili and Pieter Vandermeer. Both photographed extensively the generation of filmmakers in Perestroika time, both in Georgia, and at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, one of the first filmfestivals outside Soviet Union to show Georgian cinema.

The generation of filmmakers to which Tato Kotetishvili belongs is a generation in limbo. They were the last filmmakers to be educated in the Soviet Union, and to start their careers in the Soviet studio system. But they were also the first to be allowed to travel with their films to the west. The International Film Festival Rotterdam was one of the big festivals to receive the first Georgian delegation. Along with ‘master’ Sergej Paradjanov came filmmakers such as Tato Kotetishvili, Dato Janelidze, Dito Tsintsadze, Irakli Shavliashvili, and others. The backside of these exiting new times was, that they had to adapt very quickly to new methods and standards of filmmaking, as the studio system collapsed with the idependance of Georgia.

During the exhibition a selection of short films by and with Tato Kotetishvili will be presented.

The exhibition will be organised in cooperation with the Georgian Museum of Literature and Tbilisi 11th International Film Festival.

The exhibiton will open on 8 December, 2010 at18:00

Literature Museum of Georgia
8, Chanturia Street
0108 Tbilisi

Best regards, Natasha Lomouri

Projects Curator
Georgian Museum of Literature
8, Chanturia Street
0108 Tbilisi, Georgia
tel: (00995 32) 935019; mob: (00995 77) 57 32 32

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