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FUND THIS CAMPAIGN: A Computer School in Pankisi Valley (

We built it. We need to run it. More here:
so far: 43 funders
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LOCATION: Duisi, Georgia
CATEGORY: Education

What is the project?
To raise $7,000, to run a computer classroom for a year.
We have built the classroom.
We need to run it.
The donations are for the cost of the IT teacher, IT support and maintenance, building maintenance, fuel for the winter, electricity.

Who are we?
A group of professionals, living and working in the country of Georgia. We manage this project on a totally voluntary basis.

Where is it?
A community of 15,000 people in the remote Pankisi Valley of Georgia, an ex Soviet Republic in the Caucasus Mountains.

Why this project?
To stabilize a region that was once famous for only lawlessness, kidnapping, weapons, drug running and a rise of Islamic extremism. The regions is still isolated. Our original English language education project is highly successful. Computer education is crucial for the children to breakout out and discover the world. We cannot take them beyond their country, but we can bring the world to them.

Why now?
The chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union produced a newly independent Georgia but the country soon collapsed into a failed state. This was taken advantage of by financial and political opportunists, leaving the vulnerable population unable to maintain social order.
We focus on the young 11, 12 and 13-year-old students, teaching social and academic skills to build a stronger society. The opportunity to learn English furthers their education, breaks them out of their physical and social isolation and gives them a larger view of the outside world. The programme has already given the children confidence in themselves.

Why us?
We have been living and working in the area for a number of years and have only local teachers who we hire and train. Our education programme is highly regarded. It’s progress is monitored and evaluated by Telavi University English language faculty and all examinations are conducted through the Soros Foundation headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia by internationally qualified examiners.
International instructors at the American Academy of Tbilisi train the teachers at their summer language school. The families in the Pankisi know us and our programme. They have confidence in us because they see the work reflected in their children, who are our greatest ambassadors.

Attention: The photos used in this presentation;
are from the generous hand and brilliant eye of Joe Harrison our super energetic volunteer. He is in Duisi now working on the online newspaper with the kids. His loving photos will be soon available as postcards.
Late update.

Here is a link to a small video featuring the wonderful Estonians who built the lab on their weekends. and a fun video of the annual bareback horserace. A true classic to rival the Kentucky Derby.

Watch, enjoy and donate.
Vladimir Lozinski

Pankisi Valley Computer School from vladimir Lozinski on Vimeo.

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