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BOOK: Caravans to Oblivion: The Armenian Genocide, 1915. By G. S. Graber (

Gebundene Ausgabe: 210 Seiten
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons Inc (September 1996)
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN-10: 047111975X
ISBN-13: 978-0471119753

Armenia was the first nation to accept Christianity as a state religion. Tragically, the national aspirations and even the physical survival of the Armenian people have been subject to the demands of more powerful nations. The culmination of this vulnerability came in October 1915, when Turkish military authorities rounded up and drove vast numbers of Armenians into the desert, where perhaps a million of them perished. To this day, the Turkish government refuses to acknowledge that a government-sponsored massacre occurred. Graber, who has previously written on the SS and its genocidal policies, clearly demonstrates that a gigantic slaughter took place. He also makes a strong case that government officials, at least at the regional level, encouraged and in some cases organized the slaughter. Graber further asserts that this "genocide" was centrally planned and organized by the national government with the clear intention of making Ottoman lands "Armenian free." A compelling and deeply disturbing study. Jay Freeman

Book Description: A chilling history of the first genocide in the twentieth century Though the Turkish government continues to deny it ever took place, over one million Armenian men and women were brutally slaughtered in an attempt to eliminate the Armenian population from Turkey early in World War I. Based on newly available sources, including authenticated telegrams, author G. S. Graber proves that the Armenian slaughter was centrally organized and directed by a Turkish government seeking to systematically exterminate the Armenians. Caravans to Oblivion also reveals how Western allies, principally the British and the French, failed to honor their pledge to bring Turkish officials to trial.

*Includes compelling evidence that the Turkish government organized the massacres *Recounts the roles played by many of the political giants of the period, including Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, and Henry Morganthau

G. S. GRABER (Los Angeles, California) is a historian and a writer whose books include The History of the SS and The Life and Times of Reinhard Heydrich.

As the train approached Constantinople on the fourteenth of December, 1913, General of Cavalry Otto Liman von Sanders checked his own appearance and then, well aware of the importance of first impressions, made one final inspection of the German officers accompanying him. Lesen Sie die erste Seite

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