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CALL: CCAT - Art course in Tbilisi ( )

Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi – CCAT
Short term course on 'Modernism in Georgia' in English.

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Literary salons, dada poetry, silent films, innovative stage design, futurist books and bohemian life were blooming in Georgia in the period 1918-1921, a time of political and creative freedom. This came to and end with the arrival of the communist revolution. The Soviet regime restricted free artistic expression and banned all expression of modernist art. Artists as well as their work suffered greatly from this censorship.
The course is an introduction to modern art that originated in the early 1920's in Georgia. Along with works of modernist artists that revolutionized the conventions of representation, photographs that captured modern life and modernist buildings in the streets of old Tbilisi will also be discussed. Anyone who has an interest in art and would like to increase his understanding of Georgian Art is invited to join.
The course covers artists who were recently rediscovered and re-estimated by art historians: painter David Kakabadze, poet and artist Iliazd, painter Kirill Zdanevichakli, stage designers Petre Otskheli and Irakli Gamrekeli, painter and photographer Dimitri Shevardnadze and film makers Mikheil Kalatozishvili and Konstantine Mikaberidze.
The lectures, discussions and presentations will take place at the CCAT building in the Marjanishvili district, starting January 2011. The course includes 12 lectures of two hours as well as a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and a city tour in the old part of Tbilisi. The course fee is 180 EUR.
The course tutor is Lali Pertenava, an art historian specialized in modern, soviet and post-soviet art in Georgia. She graduated in art history at Tbilisi state University; she also studied modern and contemporary art at George Washington University.

For more information on the course (timetable) or CCAT:
Wato Tsereteli: +995 77 468446;

Upcoming course
The next course will cover 'Culture and society of 60s Georgia'. It focuses on the avantgarde art movement in the 60s that led to the deconstruction of socialist realism and caused a cultural upheaval in Georgian theatre, film and literature.

About CCAT
The Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi (CCAT) was founded by Georgian artists and researchers in order to provide artists with exhibition space, resources and professional support. With the donation of a building from TBC Bank, financial support by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) and material support by Ertoba and Caparol the Center officially opened its doors on October 1, 2010.
CCAT offers the following: a 9-month post-graduate art programa, an exhibition space and promotion of contemporary Georgian artists. The Center is also involved in research. A group of CCAT art historians are researching Georgian art history from modernism till now with the aim of bringing to light a part of Georgian art history that has largely been forgotten due to Soviet censorship.

ART: Petre Otskheli, 1920s

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