Saturday, December 04, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY: Living in Gyumri Domiks/Everyone Shall Have the Right to Housing

Twenty two years after hitting Gyumri, the 1988 earthquake in Armenia still continues to leave victims. More than 2,000 families continue to live in domiks, small temporary houses provided for the homeless by the Soviet government for two years, or built by the homeless themselves.
Constitution of the Republic of Armenia states that “Everyone shall have the right to a standard of living adequate for himself/herself and for his/her family, including housing as well as improvement of living conditions. The state shall take the necessary measures for the exercise of this right by the citizens.”

Great Photographies: slideshow here >>>

The photo album on housing conditions in Gyumri has been published. This album is distributed for free, if you would like a copy please send me an email to

Anush Babajanyan has been photographing since 2006. Two years later she began a photo essay on Armenian women with special qualities. This story is a continuing project.
In 2008 Anush
photographed Kars together with a team of photographers, as part of a project about the closed border between Armenia and Turkey.
Anush has completed a
photo essay picturing residents of the town of Gyumri who still suffer the consequences of an earthquake that took place in 1988. In 2009 Anush continued the project together with Third Nature NGO with the support of the Open Society Institute.
Anush is now photographing the
territory around lake Sevan, Armenia, which is facing ecological challenges.


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