Monday, January 03, 2011

CALL: Study Abroad: Conflict Resolution in the South Caucasus (

May 27th-June 5th, 2011

$3695 w/o Airfare

This exciting new program brings you to the heart of conflict in the South Caucasus. The course will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia with lectures by a variety of specialists, including academicsand practitioners. Formal sessions are complemented by various sitevisits, governmental and non-governmental, to encourage a more comprehensiveunderstanding of the multifaceted issues affecting societies in conflict.

The program aims to provide context for understanding the change that the South Caucasus has experienced during the past years, opportunities for understanding conflict tensions surroundinginter-community relations, and the aftermath of wars involving South Ossetians, Abkhaz, Russians, and Georgians, as well as the conflict over Karabakh. Relateddynamics in the North Caucasus and globally will also be considered.

Dr. Susan Allen Nan will lead this program. Dr. Nan is ascholar-practitioner of conflict resolution whose main focus is on the SouthCaucasus. She also works on evaluating conflict resolution initiatives and communityconflict resolution approaches. She has engaged long-term in conflictresolution in Eurasia, as well as contributing to a variety of initiatives inEastern Europe.

For information on how to apply go to or contact Bram Houben at

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