Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VIDEO: Putin's Mama. By Ineke Smits (youtube.de)

Not much in Vera Putina's 77-year existence distinguishes her from all those other Russian women who grew up and grew old in the Soviet Union. Until, in 1999, she recognized in Vladimir Putin the son she thought was lost forever.

Did the son that Vera thought was lost, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, really become the President of Russia? Vera has not been asking herself this question any longer for a long time; for her it is beyond doubt that her Vova got that far. And not only Vera is convinced of it, her daughters and the other inhabitants of the Georgian village of Metechi are sure that the ten-year old who disappeared so long ago, must be the same as the man who is now President.

Why that is so, and how it came about, is what we hear from Vera who tells us her life story with much flair. Interrupted by neighbours, assisted by Vova's childhood friends and completed by villagers we hear, bit by bit, how Vera lost her Vova. But most of all what emerges is a touching and sometimes humorous portrait of the still vivacious Vera and her life in Metechi, Georgia.
Her memories and her belief in the dream that she will eventually embrace her child once more are so strong that you would wish every lost child in the world on her.

Written and directed by Ineke Smits
Camera: Giorgi Beridze
Sound: Maarten van Gent
Editor: Menno Boerema
Producer: Pieter van Huystee
Executive producer: Denis Vaslin
Line producer: Hetty Krapels
Commissioning editor NPS: Cees van Ede

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