Wednesday, March 07, 2012

ARTICLE: Georgians: Builders of History Making Future

Georgia has gone through a challenging and interesting history. Every traditional Georgian is proud of the country’s restless fight for preserving its self-being. It is really worth being proud of. Looking back to the history, facts prove extinction of some nations, others had to hand their authentic territories to the other states, some nations still grieve over their past glory…

While being a child, reading about so many wars, heroes, clashes and fights was driving me into a miraculous world of warriors and unbelievably-committed patriots. I used to sigh with relief we were not having such large-scaled wars that time. But our generation has experienced some wars during the recent years, which have been added to the thick-skinned books of Georgian history.

Experience of the events made the builders of history out of us. How it feels like? Apart from responsibility, it means going through the diverse stages of transformation (from stability to uncertainty and hardship, then towards new perspectives while gaining faith and strength). It all makes me think history may sometimes be a burden, but history is a must!

Nothing is standing still – this is where transformation finds itself. History (past) is followed by present and future. What is present? “The present is the living sum-total of the whole past” (Thomas Carlyle), leading its way through future. And now we, the builders of history, have become the architects of future. Hopes and perspectives are undoubtedly great and abundant: we are following the path we have drafted. Owing to the rich history, peace is our top priority. And we are looking forward, going towards peace and brighter future!

Ia Kverghelidze
3rd of March, 2012

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