Tuesday, January 08, 2013

LECTURE: Marketing reforms: the dimension of narratives in Georgia's anti-corruption reforms. Von Lili Di Puppo (uni-jena.de)

Wir laden ein zu einem Gastvortrag von Dr. (des.) Lili Di Puppo (National Research University - Higher School of Economics Moscow/Russia) zum Thema:

Marketing reforms: the dimension of narratives in Georgia's anti-corruption reforms.

The presentation will discuss the mechanisms of the "production of success" in Georgia's fight against corruption after the Rose Revolution of November 2003. First, it will examine how the government under Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has sought to establish a specific frame of interpretation to read its anti-corruption activities and has promoted a particular narrative of success. Anti-corruption reforms were prioritised that could achieve quick results and "showcase success" by becoming "success stories". Second, it will analyse the process of validation of this narrative by external actors by examining cases where Georgia's image of success is sustained or questioned. The World Bank's promotion of the narrative of Georgia as a "world's top reformer" provides an illustration of a successful validation of the country's image. In contrast, the cases of the adoption of a national anti-corruption strategy and the reform of the audit institution Chamber of Control reveal the limits of the validation of this image as the government is confronted with alternative discourses. Finally, the elections' period of 2012 will be examined as revealing at the same time the "stickiness" of the reformer narrative, but also its limits as the inherent contradictions in the Saakashvili government's representation of success are increasingly brought to light during this period.

Der Vortrag wird gehalten am Mittwoch, dem 09.01.2013, 16.00 Uhr im Seminarraum 101, Jenergasse 8 (Accouchierhaus).

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