Sunday, January 27, 2013

FILM: Folds and Cracks (2009) - a short film by Zaza Rusadze (

( Synopsis - A young rock climber envisions the beautiful mountain landscape as a non-accessible place of his desire. The place, which he takes to be real, only exists in his dreams as a conceptual idea.

with - Ilo Beroshvili and Rezi Chkheidze

Screenplay by - Zaza Rusadze and Nika Machaidze
Directed by - Zaza Rusadze
Director of Photography - Tato Kotetishvili
Production Designer - Polina Rudchik
Costume Designer - Polina Rudchik
Special Effects - Nika Machaidze
Stunt Supervisor - Avto Kurasbediani
Editor - Zaza Rusadze
Sound - Goglik Gogoladze and Irakli Ivanishvili
Original Score -Tusia Beridze

Discovery Award at the 19th Cottbus Festival of East European Cinema

a Zazarilm poduction in collaboration with Sanguko Films © 2009 | 8 min | H-DV | color | 16:9 | stereo

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