Monday, January 21, 2013

WORLD INTERIORS AWARD: Rooms Hotel, Georgia (

Award banner( Designers Nata and Keti, born in Tbilisi, Georgia in spring, 1981, studied together at Tbilisi Academy of Arts on Interior Design faculty. After the graduation they founded the company Rooms. They live in Tbilisi, have a nice studio and work on lots of local interior and product design projects. They are proud to be the first Georgian designers, whose work was also presented at the international exhibitions and at Moooi showroom, as they decided to produce our Position lamp.

Though they are  busy with our interior projects: like hotels, restaurants shops, and private apartments, their successes on the international market motivated and challenged them to be part of an international design industry. They started to use their products in their own projects, international exhibitions helped them with good press and sales.

The first product was The Dressed Chair in 2007, which is still a topical and demanded product. As they are from the country, where they had to live in different eras: Soviet childhood and the era of changes, passion for independence and development, mix of Asian and European cultures, one can feel an influence on their design ideas. Rooms were aimed to create a interior and exterior concept for mountain hotel with 156 rooms . As “Rooms Hotel” is situated in magical Caucasian mountains, Rooms wanted to create a dream hotel. The mountainous environment and the existing structure of a former tourist center from Soviet times were considered when creating the mood of the hotels exterior and interior design created by Rooms is simple.

Looking at this former soviet Tourist Center’s building exterior structure and cladding, it is obvious that it has been designed based on the surrounding environment. If you observe the exterior from a distance, at a particular angle, you read the mountaintops as the building’s roof design. The façade is decorated with wood & metal partitions dividing the rooms and balconies while creating vertical and horizontal lines, which give the entire building a simple, geometric look. The exact same concept is perceived in the tones and the shapes of the structure.

These features both organically compliment the great outdoors and they can dare say that this building adds to the beauty of the landscape. The presence of the specific wood finish on such a green environment is breathtakingly dynamic and inviting. The effect of a mountain lodge in a mod structure is perceived with great success. The use of natural materials in the interior creates “mountain hotel” style, guests feel themselves immediately at home. The ambiance of the lobby is very contemporary, with elements of industrial design combined with comfortable leather armchairs found in a club or cigar lounge. Bookshelves divide the space and create comfortable space with the privacy encountered in a living room.

Address:1 V.Gorgasali street, Stepantsminda, Georgia. Client: Rooms Hotel chain Georgia. 
Photographer: Irakli Bluishvili 
Interior and Exterior: Rooms ,

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