Sunday, August 23, 2009

PHOTOGRAPHY: Conflict in the Caucasus 1993-2007 By Stanley Greene (

A Photographic Investigation of the Caucasus, a testimony of a photographer who has spent time working and living in the Caucasus, covering this explosive region. Chalk Lines is a story of Petrol, Refugees and conflicts, focusing on Nagorno-Karabakh. It tells the story of this conflict from 1993- to this day between Azerbaijan and Armenia, this deeply unstable and fast-changing region of the world. Where oil is king and people pawns, visual information that gives an account of a on going war, and the hatred that fuels it.

more interesting links to Stanley Greene:

Open Wound, Chechnya 1994 –2003 Stanley Greene talks about his experience of the Chechen resistance to Russian domination. Published by Trolley Books. Directed and Edited By Stephen J. Bell. Video - 3 Parts

Interview: On the road to war - Chechenya 1992 - 1996

An angry photographer in Chechnya (

In pictures: Chechnya: Open Wound

OPEN WOUND a photo book by Stanley Greene

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