Friday, August 21, 2009

BOOK: “The men and women. Uninvented stories” presented in Yerevan (

Presentation of the book "The men and women. Uninvented stories" held on August 19 in Yerevan. The book, prepared by the Association of Journalists “GenderMediaKavkaz" is a collection of short stories describing the lives of ordinary people in Armenia, Artsakh, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
The publication of short stories collections was a result of the BBC project. The project of “Radio Diaries” in the South Caucasus was carried out within 2002 and 2006 in Georgia and Abkhazia, and in 2003-2007 in Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan. “Radio Diaries” were broadcast by the public radio and Radio Van in Armenia.
”Within the first year of project implementation Armenian stories were not broadcast in Azerbaijan and it took a year to transfer records from the Armenian to Azeri language,” the representative of the project from Nagorno Karabakh Karine Ohanyan said.


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