Friday, August 21, 2009

VIDEO: Georgian Bakery in Brooklyn, NY (

Badri makes Georgian (not in British, nor American sense) bread called "shotispuri", or "shoti", or just "khleb" ("bread" in Russian, but with a guttural "kh" - think Scottish "ch"). I think it's the best bread available to me. It's not organic or anything - just hot and delicious, and kicks ass, especially of those who profiteer by these treasonous pseudo-Uzbeki flatbreads that seem to be so ubiquitous these days. Badri also makes khachapuri, I thought you'd like to know. Google them, Wikipedia them, then come and have a taste ($5 khachapuri, $2 shoti/"khleb" as shown).

Shot with a PHOTOCAMERA impromptu, edited/processed/"upgraded" to HD in iMovie.
Soundtrack is a Georgian folk song "Kakhuri Mravalzhamieri" sung by Rustavi choir.

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