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NEWS: 17 Jul 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 502 until 7 Aug 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 505 (

Georgia War Anniversary
Saakashvili the Survivor
Post-war opposition protests have strengthened the Georgian president. By Dimitry Avaliani in Tbilisi (CRS No. 505, 07-Aug-09)
Abkhaz Opposition Fear Growing Russian Influence
Issue likely to dominate December elections, but in reality Abkhazia’s options constrained by dependence on Russia. By Inal Khashig in Sukhum (CRS No. 505, 07-Aug-09)
Aid Use Questioned
Fears raised over distribution of post-war international support. By Tamar Khorbaladze in Tbilisi (CRS No. 505, 07-Aug-09)
Kodori Refugees Only Dream of Returning
Georgians uprooted by the war wonder what a year of neglect will have done to their homes. By Natia Kuprashvili in Kutaisi (CRS No. 505, 07-Aug-09)
Armenia Fails to Learn Conflict Lessons
Yerevan has not been able to lessen dependence on its combative neighbours. By Gayane Mkrtchian in Yerevan and Naira Hayrumian in Stepanakert (CRS No. 505, 07-Aug-09)
Armenia: Frontier Restrictions Prompt Exodus
Empty Armenian border villages raise security concerns. By Yeranuhi Soghoian in Gyumri (CRS No. 504, 31-July-09)
Georgia: State TV Reforms Edge Forward
Changes to board of trustees not enough for opposition. By Tea Topuria in Tbilisi (CRS No. 504, 31-July-09)Karabakh Focus
Talks Snarled on “Interim Status”
Moscow meeting leaves sides no closer and many questions unanswered. By Tatul Hakobian (CRS No. 503, 27-July-09)
Peace Process: Where We Are Now
A summary of progress on the road to a settlement. By Kenan Guluzade (CRS No. 503, 27-July-09)
An Armenian Personal View
My relatives have lost hope of returning to the land where their ancestors are buried. By Sara Khojoyan (CRS No. 503, 27-July-09)
An Azeri Perspective
Former Shusha resident recalls the destruction of his home at the outbreak of war. By Samira Ahmedbeyli (CRS No. 503, 28-July-09)
Georgia's Opposition Rejects Truce Call
Promise of reform from Saakashvili puts ball in protesters’ court. By Lena Iremashvili in Tbilisi (CRS No. 503, 27-July-09)

Project Highlights
Caucasus: Jun ‘09
Plans being laid for an investigative journalism training programme following successful workshop in Tblisi. By IWPR staff (30-Jul-09)

Reporting Impact
Caucasus: Jun ‘09
An IWPR reporting project in Georgia inspires participants to set up their own journalism network. By IWPR staff (30-Jun-09)

Outcry at Detention of Azeri Opposition Bloggers
Press watchdog says case typical of arbitrary judicial decisions taken against government opponents. By Maharram Zeynalov in Baku (CRS No. 502, 17-July-09)
Georgian Bid to Boost Economy Under Scrutiny
Few experts share government hopes that new enterprise region will help alleviate economic woes. By Tea Zibzibadze in Kutaisi (CRS No. 502, 17-July-09)
Karabakh Footballers Anger Baku
Region goes ahead with its own league despite Azerbaijan’s objections. By Karine Ohanyan in Stepanakert and Joshqun Eldaroglu in Baku (CRS No. 502, 17-July-09)
Beautiful Game Returns to Azeri Front Line Region
Move stems from Baku football chiefs’ decision to move more games to the provinces. By Joshqun Eldaroglu in Gunzanly (CRS No. 502, 17-July-09)

Press Release

IWPR Reporter Receives Accolade
Series of reports on difficulties of travelling across the Caucasus clinch Azerbaijan press award for IWPR journalist. (23-Jun-09)

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