Monday, August 10, 2009

ART: Stranger Exhibition in Gyumri (

I would like to inform you about one more successful cooperation with row of partners and institutions with who we are going to organize Stranger Exhibition (short video screenings, and discussion) in Gyumri,

See attached some visual materials, poster and invitation, and thanks to this cooperation i am invited to Amsterdam to take part to the Stranger Festival as a Jury member, 5.10-19.10
And two key partners of implementation of Stranger Show in Gyumri are invited to assist and gain knowledge how to organize and coordinate such kind of events for future as well. 13.10-18.10

Nevertheless i would like to come to the roots of this cooperation to Stranger Academy, and underline Amandine Boccaccini's role in this, therefore see bellow her first imitative letter to ECF and Stranger Academy staff.

Dear ECF team,

Arman Tadevosyan, who is the co-founder of 5th Floor (artistic group) in Gyumri, Armenia, could be very interested to receive your Stranger Festival DVD and organise workshops.

Could you please send your DVD to him?

47 Ajemyan street,
3105 Gyumri

Thanks a lot,

Best regards,

Amandine Boccaccini


Getting Ready for finale phase of the show in Gyumri,

with best and sunny regards

-- Arman Tadevosyan
Artist, Co-founder and Project Manager of 5th Floor
Address:13 Ajemyan, 47 house 3
105 Gyumri, Armenia
Mobile:(+374) (93) 87 72 65

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