Sunday, August 23, 2009

NEWS: 21 Aug 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 507 (

South Ossetians Puzzled by Leaders
Locals say officials were not ready for independence and may not even want it. By Alan Tskhurbaev in Tskhinval (CRS No. 507, 21-Aug-09)
Armenia’s Yezidis Bemoan Lowly Status
Long-marginalised community claims it faces systematic discrimination. By Aghavni Harutyunian in Zovuni and Arpi Makhsudian in Yerevan (CRS No. 507, 21-Aug-09)
Tea and Memories in the Caucasus
Tbilisi tea-house gives glimpse of lost ethnic harmony. By Seymur Kazimov in Tbilisi (CRS No. 507, 21-Aug-09)

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