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SCIENCE: PUBL.-Caucasian Review of International Affairs, Summer 09 issue (

Dear ALL,Vol. 3 (3) - Summer 2009 issue of the Caucasian Review of International Affairs (CRIA)
is now available on-line at The Table of Contents of the Issue is attached below.

Deadline for submission of papers for the next issue (Autumn 2009) isSeptember 30, 2009. Submission guidelines can be viewed at
Yours Faithfully, Nasimi Aghayev
Caucasian Review of International Affairs
ISSN: 1865-6773


- Note from the Editor-In-Chief (p. 242-243)
Nasimi Aghayev (

Research Papers

Georgia & Russia:
Contradictory Media Coverage of the August War (pp. 244-260)
by Hans-Georg Heinrich & Kirill Tanaev (

- Georgia and the Systemic Impact of the Financial Crisis (pp. 261-277)
by Marco Giuli (

- Russia, EU, NATO and the Strengthening
of the CSTO in Central Asia (pp. 278-290)
by Irina Ionela Pop (

- Turkey: Regional Elections and the Kurdish Question (pp. 291-306)
by Eddy Ekrem Güzeldere (

Poverty Reduction Through Private Sector Development in Georgia: Policy, Practice and Perspectives (pp. 307-316)
by Vladimer Papava (


- The Merging of Russia’s Regions as Applied Nationality Policy:
A Suggested Rationale (pp. 317-323)
by Matthew Derrick (

Book Review

“China’s Energy Geopolitics: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Central Asia”
by Thrassy N. Marketos (pp. 324-325)
Review by Jan Künzl (


-“Widespread Discontent in Russia May Well Lead to Further Resentment Towards Groups of Caucasian Origin” (pp. 326-330)

Interview with Katerina Strani, Researcher, Greek Parliament (

CRIA is a Germany-registered quarterly peer-reviewed non-profit and online academic journal. The Review is committed to promote a better understanding of the regional affairs by providing relevant background information and analysis, as far as the Caucasus in general, and the South Caucasus in particular are concerned. CRIA also welcomes lucid, well-documented papers on other countries and regions including especially Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe as well as on all aspects of international affairs, from all political viewpoints. CRIA is indexed/abstracted in Columbia International Affairs Online, Directory of Open Access Journals, ProQuest Research Library, EBSCOhost Research Database, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, etc.

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