Friday, January 10, 2014

MUSIC OF ARMENIA:| Breathing New Life Into The Armenian Music Legacy (

( Music of Armenia is breathing new life into the Armenian music legacy by rediscovering, preserving and promoting Armenian music and talent, creating innovative collaborations and offering audiences exciting projects and events.

Music of Armenia has come a long way since its modest beginnings - building an international reputation for promotion of outstanding Armenian music and talent and it plays a central role in the preservation and development of Armenian music.

Celebrating the beauty of music and its limitless power, Music of Armenia brings together people from all corners of the world, it delivers innovative projects, which inspire, motivate and more importantly leave lasting benefits for all involved.

In order of appearance:
Mary Kouyoumdjian
Tosh Stepanyan - Second Moon
Daniel Bedrosian - George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Diran Tavitjan
Sergey Smbatyan
Garik Papoyan - X Factor Armenia
Artyom Manukyan - Armenian Navy Band
Akunq Ensemble
Vahagn Hayrapetyan and Rena Derkhorenian
State Youth Orchestra of Armenia
Eileen Khachadourian
Andre Simonian - The Beautified Project

Vahagni - Collage
Dogma - Matchmaking
Garik - Karmir Tufic Jungliner
Dorians - Yes Kulam

Editing by Alice Pettit
©Music of Armenia |

5 Years of Music of Armenia

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