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SAVE: Help needed to locate the former German villages in Georgia (

( This summer 2013 we gone with CCC3 to the former German villages in the Caucasus. Most of the places and contemporary names of the former German viallages are clear, but some need to be confirmed or exactly located. In this post we ask you to help to locate some few villages in Georgia. The German villages in Azerbaijan will part of the next post.

Map: Kaukasusdeutsche Georgien 

In Katharinenfeld (Bonisi, GE). Picture by Argam Yeranosyan.Below you find a list of the German villages with some basic information related to them. The list is in alphabetical order. Underlined are the so-called “Mutterkolonien”, i.e. the first founded places from which other colonies did emerge. Then are listed other names of the colonies and its contemporary denomination. The list contains the number of the population (F=families, P=people/persons). Then are following the coordinates and link to Wikimapia, if the exact place is known.

First you find a map with the German villages in Georgia. Inverse are the names of the villages of which the place is not confmirmed. Please note that the villages in the map and listed below are those in which Germans originating from the region of Württemberg lived. There are also other former German villages (e.g. near Sokhumi), with Germans from other origins. These villages are not of interest here.

Swabian Colonies/Villages

Alexanderdorf, founded 1918, “Mutterkolonie”, Other names: Avtochalo [?], Liebknechtsdorf, Today: თბილისი-დიდუბე [Tbilisi-Didube]), Population 1817: 23F; 1843: 36F; 1868: 44F, 239P; 1913: 790P; 1936: 879P; Coordinates 41°44’24″N – 44°47’0″E

Alexanderhilf, founded 1857 [or 1860?], resettled from Elisabethtal, Other names: Manavar (before), Rosenberg, Tschotschiani, Beshtasha, today: თრიალეთი [Trialeti]), Population 1857: 38F; 1868: 30F, 201P; 1913: 650P; 1936: 800P, Coordinates: 41°32’38″N – 44°6’28″E

TBC: Blumenfeld, founded 1905, resettled from Alexanderhilf, Other names: Blumental, Jakobli, Coordinates: it said to be near Alexanderhilf/Tsalka, but where?

Elisabethtal, founded 1818, “Mutterkolonie”, today (since 1914): ასურეთი [Asureti], Population 1818: 65F, 307P; 1843: 90F, 575P; 1868: 128F, 881P; 1886: 2440P; 1913: 2120P; 1936: 2128P, Coordinates: 41°35’30″N – 44°40’12″E

Katharinenfeld, founded 1819, “Mutterkolonie”, Other Names: Kamarlu, 1921: Luxemburg, today since 1944: ბოლნისი [Bolnisi], Population 1819: 116F; 1826: 431P; 1843: 153F, 482P; 1868: 158F, 786P; 1913: 2710P; 1936: 2713P, Coordinates: 41°27’2″N – 44°32’42″E

Marienfeld, founded 1817, “Mutterkolonie”, was later named Rosenfeld (together with Freudenthal and Petersdorf), today: სართიჭალა [Sartichala], Population 1817: 31F; 1843: 48F; 1868: 49F, 316P; 1913: 530P, 1936: 531P, Coordinates: 41°42’50″N – 45°10’22″E

TBC: Marxheim (near Marneuli), founded 1914, Population 1936: 105P, Coordinates: where is this place and how is it called today?

Neu-Tiflis, founded 1818 (?), “Mutterkolonie”, Today: Tbilisi-Kukia (suburbanized 1861), Population 1818(?): 60F; 1936: 4000P, Coordinates: 41°43’4″N – 44°48’50″E

Petersdorf, founded 1820, was later named Rosenfeld (together with Marienfeld and Freudenthal), today: სართიჭალა [Sartichala], population 1820: 17F; 1843: 12F; 1868: 21F, 149P; 1913: 300P, Coordinates: 41°42’50″N – 45°10’22″E

Steinfeld, founded 1922, Today: Kotishi, Population 1836: 95P, Coordinates: 41°31’40″N – 44°44’23″E

Traubenberg, Founded 1908, resettled from Katharinenfeld and Marienfeld, Other names: Allawar, today: თამარისი [Tamarisi]), Population 1913: 123P, 1936: 420P, Coordinates: 41°26’10″N – 44°44’36″E (is it really todays Tamarisi or the small village Alavari nearby?)

TBC Waldheim, founded 1911, Other Names: Ormashen, Bashitshet, Population 1936: 310P, Coordinates: it is said to be near Tsalka, but Ormasheni is near Dmanisi

TBC Wiesendorf, Founded 1921, Other names: Wiesenfeld, Wiesental, Marabental, Neu Marabda, Today: Akhali Marabda TBC, Population 1936: 86P, Coordinates: 41°32’2″N – 44°45’32″E

Not Clear

TBC Wiesenhof (near Asureti), Coordinates: Where is this place and how is it called today?

Left Villages

Kolonie der 12 Apostel, founded 1818; it had to be left in 1820 was was newly founded next to Marienfeld.

Non-Swabian Colonies

Freudenthal, founded 1847, Other names: Jammertal, later named Rosenfeld (together with Marienfeld and Petersdorf), today: სართიჭალა [Sartichala], population 1842: 10F; 1868: 13F, 70P; 1913: 100P; 1936: 104P, Coordinates: 41°42’50″N – 45°10’22″E

Georgsthal, founded 1910, mostly non-Swabians from the North Caucasus, but also some resettled from Katharinenfeld, today ძველი ქანდა [Dzveli Kanda] Coordinates 41°54’15″N – 44°35’57″E

TBC Gnadenberg, founded 1879, near Sokhumi, poopulation 1926: 163P

TBC Grüntal, founded 1922, other names: Neu-Grüntal, Karatapa, Karajasi, Ruisbolo (Rayon Korojazy), Population 1926: 120P, Where???

TBC Hoffnungsthal, founded 1922, other names: Karatapa, Karajasi (Rayon Karajazy), Population 1926: 92P, where???

TBC Lindau, founded 1879, where???

TBC Neudorf, founded 1879, near Sokhumi, Population 1926: 187P, where???

Please comment on any point listed above, especially those villages prececed with a TBC (to be confirmed). We will update this post with the incoming information. Any help is welcome! Thank you. (Please note: the sources which lead to the information are manifold and often even contradictous. For the sake of a clear presentation they are not listed here).


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