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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 05-07-08

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Abkhazia conflict
1. Georgia says "very close" to war with Russia
2. Minister, seeking EU support, warns war with Russia 'very close'
3. Georgia minister states "very close" to war with Russia
4. Russian NATO envoy says being "close to a war" Georgia's own fault
5. Russia-Georgia 'close to war', Tbilisi to blame - Russian NATO envoy
6. Georgia rendered Russia subject to call-up: Tbilisi asking the West to avert war
7. Georgia call upon Russia to abandon ‘big brother’ syndrome – Georgian Deputy Ambassador (video)
8. Saakashvili calls for "exemplary" election amidst external "provocation"
9. Georgian rebels ask Russian army for help
10. Breakaway Abkhazia seeks Russian military protection
11. Abkhazia seeks security guarantees from Russia – paper
12. video: Abkhazia appeals for Russian military help
13. Abkhaz minister expands on newspaper interview military proposal to Russia
14. Abkhazia hasn't offered to cede control to Russian military –Lavrov
15. Abkhaz foreign minister denies seeking Russian military protection
16. Army ensures security of Abkhazia – FM
17. Azerbaijan’s “delivery” of Afghan mujahids to Georgia is possible and even logical
18. Russian commander accuses Georgia of military preparations in conflict zone
19. Russian parachute troops start peacekeeping mission in Georgian region
20. Georgia wants pullout of Russian peacekeepers - minister
21. Extra Russian peacekeepers begin mission in Abkhazia
22. Russia’s increase of peacekeepers implies war for the region
23. Abkhazia residents can sleep in peace after arrival of Russian troops
24. Extra Russian troops in Abkhazia to prevent escalation of conflict
International response
25. Press briefing by Dana Perino [excerpt]
26. US envoy predicts difficult years ahead for relations with Russia
27. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Sean Mccormack holds regular news briefing [excerpt]
28. U.S. Congress postpones resolution critical of Russian behavior
29. Help wanted
30. International organizations passive as Russia moves troops into Abkhazia
Air defense
31. video: Georgia pulls out of air-defence treaty with Russia
32. Russian lawmaker downplays Georgia pullout from air defense treaty
33. Georgia’s quitting CIS anti-missile defense system insignificant
34. Experts hail Georgia's defection from air defense agreement
35. SA-11 'Gadfly' used to down Georgian drones - Abkhaz FM
36. Russia won't allow Georgian warplanes to fly over conflict zone – general
Georgia-Russia relations

37. Russia’s WTO ambitions & Georgian anguish
38. War would hit Georgia rating, not Russia-Fitch
39. Russian MFA comments on recent Russian initiatives
40. Kremlin policy regarding Abkhazia contradicts Russia's interests
41. Military treaty with Abkhazia premature - Russian lawmaker
42. Tbilisi pins normalization hopes on Medvedev – ambassador
43. Will Medvedev remain faithful to Putin’s foreign policy stance? [excerpt]
44. Georgia Russia tensions rise, stability falls: Pulling a ‘wag the dog’ move or serious threat?
45. Abkhazia: What is all the commotion about?
Conflicts commentary

46. Stop playing with fire in Abkhazia
47. Europe whole and free
48. Abkhazia is beyond being a partisan interest
49. Abkhazian gambit - the Kremlin’s risky venture
50. Russians seizing land: ‘Abkhazian survival in Georgian hands’
51. video: Interview: Artyom Malgin
52. What a speech, what an audience and what results!
Conflicts misc.
53. Pro-Russia rally underway in Sukhumi
54. ‘We don’t need Abkhazia without Abkhazians’ – Bagapsh
55. De facto leader meets Cossacks
56. Georgian-South Ossetian conflict zone is no place for tourism – peacekeepers
57. South Ossetian leader says Georgia preparing military campaign
58. Opposition coalition to use force
59. Vakhtang Khmaladze: About five political parties have a chance to surpass the 5 percent electoral barrier!
60. People living in rural Georgian to be introduced to election procedures
61. Government takes strong step toward fair election, but it’s only a start
62. United Opposition hopes ‘to replace Saakashvili’s government’
63. Ruling party MP quits election race over intimidation allegations
64. Republicans complain about police pressure in Kutaisi
65. Who needs more than one head? What we want and what we get
66. Parliamentary elections will be ‘better’ and ‘democratic’
67. Davit Saganelidze opens election office
68. ‘Free elections matter of national security’ – Saakashvili
69. USD 9,000-16,000 for 30-second primetime political ad
70. A toothless Imedi returns to the air
71. New Foreign Minister appointed
72. report: Georgia: Extraordinary presidential election January 2008

73. Georgia says in talks with Inter RAO UES on power projects
74. Construction remains fastest growing sector in Georgia
75. Georgia increasingly relying on imports
76. NBG drives interest up to steer inflation down
77. video: Georgia grieves loss of two servicemen in Iraq
78. Ethnic groups in Georgia #13 – East Slavs (Part 1)
79. Adjara celebrates 4-th anniversary of revolution
80. Group to develop integration and tolerance strategy

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