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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 05-19-08

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1. The Georgian plan has been accepted: Abkhazia to confirm it in Moscow
2. Announcement of the Supreme Council of Abkhazian Autonomic Republic
3. EU must act to solve Georgia’s frozen conflicts
4. Georgia to block Russia from WTO until support for Abkhazia ends
5. Russia set to continue WTO talks in Geneva
6. Abkhazia's involvement in Olympic construction discussed
7. Abkhazia and Russia’s Krasnodar territory signed a cooperation agreement
8. Russia is sent a message that combined efforts are a better way of dealing with latent conflicts
9. Abkhazia must return to Georgia –Shevardnadze
10. Russia ready to cooperate with Georgia – deputy FM
11. video: Georgia still sabre-rattling over breakaway region
12. Saakashvili offers joint economic development to Abkhazia
13. Russia accuses Georgia of "intimidating" Abkhazia, South Ossetia
14. Lavrov criticizes Georgia for "trying to internationalize" Abkhazia, S. Ossetia conflicts
15. Moscow urges Tbilisi to understand its settlement logic – Karasin
16. Sukhumi ready for contacts with Tbilisi at intl level; will not meet with reintegration minister
17. Settlement progress impossible with PR actions, uncompleted initiatives – Karasin
18. Saakashvili vows to return to Georgians their "lawful property" in Abkhazia
19. Remote valley at heart of Georgia-Russia conflict
20. In Abkhazia, ethnic-Georgians tread lightly but carry a big dream
21. Saakashvili welcomes Russia's decision to lift ban on imports of Georgian products
22. Georgia to block Russia from WTO until support for Abkhazia ends
23. Russia set to continue WTO talks in Geneva
24. Abkhazia's involvement in Olympic construction discussed
25. Abkhazia and Russia’s Krasnodar territory signed a cooperation agreement
UN Abkhazia resolution
26. Russia criticizes UN resolution on Georgian breakaway region
27. Georgia's resolution on refugees is propaganda - Lavrov
28. Saakashvili jubilant over UN move on Abkhazia refugees
29. Saakashvili lauds UN resolution on refugees from Abkhazia
30. Saakashvili lambastes Russia over Abkhazia
31. Abkhazia calls unfair UN resolution on refugees
32. Conclusions in UN resolution ignore real facts – Sukhumi
33. UN resolution a small victory on an important issue
34. Russia says UN Abkhazian refugee resolution counterproductive
35. U.N. resolution on Abkhazia shows who’s who on ethnic cleansing
36. I am grateful to the government of Azerbaijan for support of the resolution on Abkhazia refugees
37. Armenia voted against the resolution in the UN, as it is closely connected with Russia
Spy allegations
38. Minister heads to Moscow amid fresh spying charges
39. Spy charges fuel Georgian tensions
40. Georgia coordinating activity of terror groups in N Caucasus-FSB
41. Georgia denies alleged exposure of its spy in southern Russia
42. Man testifies to working for Georgian special services in Russia on TV
43. Official dismisses Russian spying allegations
Abkhazia peacekeepers
44. Georgia accuses Russia of deploying heavy weaponry in breakaway region
45. Georgia has more arms than Russia thinks – Tbilisi
46. Georgia to inspect Russian base camp in Abkhazia conflict zone – general
47. Georgia, UN inspect Russian base camp in Abkhazia conflict zone
48. Baluyevsky denies Moscow has plans for an Abkhazia base
49. PM says latest incident shows need for withdrawal of Russian troops
50. No prior notices of rotation of peacekeepers' military hardware – Tbilisi
51. Abkhazia wants Russian peacekeepers to stay – diplomat
52. Georgia wants better CIS representation in peacekeeping force in Abkhazia
53. Georgia ready for peacekeeping format review if Western officers added to force
54. Only CIS heads of state can change peacekeepers' mandate in Abkhazia
55. Gurgenidze raps peacekeepers in Abkhazia for May 18 incident
56. Georgian police briefly detain Russian troops in Abkhazia conflict zone
57. video: Georgia arrests then releases six Russian peacekeepers
58. Russian peacekeepers hold exercise in Abkhazia
59. Night incident with peacekeepers in Abkhazia was a provocation - command
60. Russia says reinforced peacekeeping force in Abkhazia aims to prevent warfare
61. Russia denies Georgia's claims about detained troops, condemns "provocation"
South Ossetia
62. Incident with peacekeepers in Georgia a provocation – command
63. video: Bombs hit Georgia-South Ossetia conflict zone
64. South Ossetia switching to terrorism – minister
65. Two Georgian police wounded in explosions in rebel region
66. Georgia won't involve in Ossetia armed confrontation - state minister
67. Russian peacekeepers deny their numbers in South Ossetia increased
68. South Ossetian leader labels Friday's blast Georgian provocation
69. Sanakoyev administration behind terrorist attacks - South Ossetia
70. Blasts may be work of Georgia - South Ossetia
71. Russian peacekeepers hold exercise in Georgia-Ossetia conflict area
Politics and elections
72. report: Results of pre-election monitoring
73. Statement of domestic non-governmental organizations
74. Lithuania sending large group of observers to Georgia
75. Pro-Kremlin activists to monitor Georgian poll
76. Opposition warns against possible election falsifications
77. Opposition will need just 3 hours to publish preliminary results of May 21 election
78. Ombudsman, watchdog lawsuit over CCTV polling station footage
79. Traditional political issues lost amid criminal accusations in TV debate
80. Okruashvili doubts over ‘people rebellion’ if polls rigged
81. An iron lady exits, for now
82. Georgia's NATO hopes rest on fair election
83. Georgia’s election seen as democracy test
84. Georgia votes in shadow of Russia tensions, unrest fears
85. Profiles of leading parties in Georgia parliamentary vote
86. Labor Party leader promises to dislodge Saakashvili
87. Republicans call for free industrial zone in Isani
88. Nodia does not believe school directors
89. What do they want from Khachidze’s posters?
90. Opposition party promises to improve relations with RF
91. Opposition bloc rallies ahead of polls
Business and economics
92. Saakashvili’s speaks of better future in televised meeting
93. Saakashvili: "The plans, which I have developed jointly with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, are being implemented"
94. Representatives of Khelachauri sawing factory’s management physically abused a journalist of Adjara TV
95. Georgian banks to maintain increased interest rates until end of 2008
96. Georgia funded extra 14 projects under the program of cheap credits
97. Government and company Tbilaviamsheni to sign memorandum on establishment of the logistics centre
98. Sakartvelos Banki plans to invest $22-24m in network expanding
99. Experts point at deficiencies in Georgian privatization
100. Bank of Georgia denies liquidity issues
101. Construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Turkish segment to be started this July
102. Georgia lures Arab investors to build 'Black Sea Dubai'
103. Next issue of Kakheti Khma newspaper couldn’t reach its readers in Dedoplistskaro
104. Public Defender is in favor of amending the Broadcasters’ Code of Conduct
105. Prime Minister ordered to establish around-the-clock work schedule at customs
106. A voice of mother Russia, in English [excerpt]
107. Georgia’s clergy encroaches on Armenian church
108. AAC Georgian Diocese shocked by encroachment on Saint Norashen Church
109. Eurovision contestant interview
110. French Accor starts construction of hotels in South Caucasus
111. Saakashvili pardons over 140 prisoners
112. Georgia, US hold joint exercise off Batumi to practice search ops
113. ’My City’ demands Ugulava’s resignation
114. Kay sues Berezovsky in court
115. Kavkasia TV resumes broadcasts

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