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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 05-13-08

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Conflicts news
1. Abkhaz separatists say they shot down more drones
2. Abkhazians find fragments of Georgian drone, Georgia denies violations
3. MIA releases drone footage of Russian military in Abkhazia
4. Abkhazia determined to shoot down Georgian reconnaissance planes
5. video: Abkhazia downs two more Georgian spy planes
Conflicts international intervention
6. Georgian president asks EU for help; Abkhazia claims to shoot down unmanned Georgian planes
7. Abkhazia claims to shoot down two unmanned Georgian planes
8. Saakashvili's remarks with five EU foreign ministers
9. Georgian president calls for EU aid
10. Visiting EU delegation offering support, but little else
11. When Europe heats up what’s the EP to do?
12. Five EU foreign ministers visit Tbilisi
13. Frozen conflicts on EU priority agenda -- Lithuanian Formin
14. EU voices support for Georgia amid Russia row
15. Solution of Georgian-Russian conflict requires new formats -- Lithuanian Formin
16. Lithuanian, Ukrainian presidents declare support for Georgia
17. Canada 'concerned' over Russia-Georgia tensions
18. Georgia holds policy of displacement of Azerbaijanis and strengthening of Armenians' positions
19. UN envoy visits breakaway Abkhazia to discuss security
20. Russia slams US diplomat's comments on Georgia
21. Russian FM says US diplomat's remarks on Abkhazia reveal lack of knowledge
22. Georgia produces video of alleged Russian military camps in Abkhazia
Conflicts commentary and analysis
23. Medvedev's test case with the West: Russia's new president inherits a tinderbox in Georgia, a NATO aspirant
24. Will President Medvedev first crisis be Georgia?
25. Russia's new militarism [excerpt]
26. The threat Mr. Putin sees
27. Georgia in peril
28. Georgia on my mind
29. video: Abkhazia will always be independent
30. State Dept. crowding Russia out of Abkhazia: Condoleezza Rice ready to get involved
31. Against Saakashvili, not Georgia
Politics and elections
32. article: Democracy bound
33. Georgia is preparing for parliamentary elections
34. Republicans warn of 'irresponsible' forces in opposition
35. Labor Party accuses U.S. government of vote rigging
36. CEC members sign Code of Conduct
37. NGOs found election media center
38. Matt Bryza met with Giorgi Targamadze
39. Opposition accuses government of pressure
40. Political polling, manipulation - voters unsure who to trust
41. Political PR war: Choosing a winning slogan
42. Opposition, government running low-key campaign in Marneuli and Javakheti
43. Opposition’s economic visions
44. Israeli investment volume to be increased by 500%
45. Investments of Israeli businessmen in Georgia
46. S&P downgrades Georgia’s credit rating to stable
47. Private land redistributed in Bakuriani: Locals fight for ownership
48. Ethnic groups in Georgia: Dukhobors
49. Georgia is a very “NGO friendly” country
50. Protestors put 21 questions to Russian diplomats

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