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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 05-29-08

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1. Georgia will use "all available means" to oust Russian peacekeepers from Abkhazia
2. Georgia could declare Russian peacekeepers occupiers
3. Tbilisi seeks to replace Russian peacekeepers after Georgian plane downed
4. Tbilisi awaits Georgia-Russian top level talks before taking decision on peacekeepers
5. Georgia developing proposals for replacing CPKF
6. Diplomatic efforts underway to change peacekeeping format
7. Two Russian peacekeepers injured in Abkhazia's conflict zone
8. Georgia denies reports about injured Russian peacekeeper
9. Russian peacekeeper lightly wounded
10. Life of Russian peacekeeper wounded in Abkhazia not in danger – command
11. Russia asks Abkhazia to join UN session on drone
12. Tbilisi demands Russia's apology for downed drone
13. Abkhazia says UAV incident used to ease Georgia's NATO bid
14. UN SC still undecided about meeting over Abkhazian air incident
15. Russia says Abkhazian official should be invited to UN SC meeting on Georgia
16. US envoy condemns Russia's actions
17. OSCE Security Forum to deal with UNOMIG's report
18. audio: Conflict brewing over breakaway Georgian province
19. Sokhumi Police taken all measures to establish identities of the persons involved in the Polish journalist’s robbery
20. Abkhazia accuses Georgia of firing on its own buses on election day
21. Refugees' massive return to Abkhazia may trigger conflict - Shamba
South Ossetia
22. Planned rotation of Russian peacekeepers begins in South Ossetia
23. Shooting heard in conflict zone
24. Georgian commander speaks about provocation
Georgia-Russia and foreign relations
25. Merabishvili: Russia pushing Abkhazia
26. Russia suspects foreign involvement in Georgian provocation
27. video: We can’t negotiate with this Georgian Government
28. EU best-positioned to solve Russo-Georgian deadlock
29. Merkel calls for closer NATO ties to Russia
30. Retaliatory non-strike: Russia does not intend to develop a missile defense system []
31. The quarrel over Sevastopol gives Ukraine more reason to prevent Russia from joining the WTO []
32. Russia accused of looking for a fight over Georgia and Ukraine
33. Kiev will be undertaking major foreign policy efforts in the Caucasus
34. Scheffer on Georgia, Ukraine
35. Georgians have chance to apply to Moscow universities
36. Georgia can hardly carry out obligations to create an anti-terrorist centre with Russia
37. Lavrov questions Tbilisi’s pledge on joint anti-terrorist center
38. 22 percent of Georgians approve of job performance of Russian leadership
39. Five Russians get jail terms for 2006 missile system smuggling
Politics and elections
40. Mischa’s mischief: Georgia’s fervently pro-western president secures an impressive, if flawed, mandate
41. Georgia – 2008: The revolution is called off
42. The end of the rose era
43. Georgian political crisis enters a new phase
44. The problem with winning
45. Shevardnadze: I did not see any roses
46. ‘Golden section' for Georgian democracy: The political conflict could develop in two directions
47. video: Georgian election neither democratic, free, nor fair
48. Opposition leader breaks with coalition over ‘alternative parliament’
49. Ruling party presents expenditures
50. Bakradze will definitely become new Parliamentary Speaker
51. Ruling party begins distribution of seats in future parliament
52. Gachechiladze against American influence
53. Only way out is new election
54. NDP comments on opposition plans
55. National-Democrats call for establishment of United Democratic Movement
56. Republican Party releases video evidence about poll rigging
57. Opposition demand re-count of ballots in Kobuleti
58. Several attacks on journalists during parliamentary elections
59. Public TV Board chair remains on post for now
60. Opposition decries ‘Sovietization’ of TV at public broadcaster protest
61. Georgian Public Broadcaster’s meeting to be held on Friday
62. Republicans call on all members of GPB Board of Trustees for ensuring the channel’s objectivity
63. SDASU students stopped studying as a sign of protest
64. Mayor to present two new governors
65. Georgia pursues aggressive church policy toward Armenia
66. Giant deadly snake caught in Tbilisi
67. State Ministry celebrates Diaspora Day
68. Export of agricultural products increases
69. List of large HESEs, to be constructed in Georgia, published
70. “Spring Street” and “Joyful Street” appear in Tbilisi

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