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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 05-15-08

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Conflicts news
1. Abkhazia wants to conclude military treaty with Russia
2. video: Georgia sends peace envoy to meet separatist rebels in first direct talks since 2007
3. French FM's call to Moscow prevented Georgia war
4. No talks with Georgia unless non-resumption of hostilities guaranteed – Bagapsh
5. Artillery drill by Abkhaz separatist forces
6. Communists speak for Russian military bases in Abkhazia
7. Senators say Russia must defend its citizens in Abkhazia
8. Georgia is prepared to discuss the siting of U.S. radars on its soil - state minister
9. Bush to hold tête-à-tête meeting with Saakashvili
10. Members of ruling party meet voters in conflict zone
11. Recent developments to be discussed in Brussels
12. Georgia envoy to meet UN Secretary General
13. UN to discuss resolution on IDPs return to Abkhazia
14. Bagapsh wants Russian base in Abkhazia
15. Unmanned aircraft at center of Georgian Abkhaz information war
Georgia-Russia relations
16. Georgian president calls Russia's actions in Abkhazia occupation
17. Saakashvili: I am not a CIA agent, that is a lie
18. Olympic gold in Abkhazia
19. Saakashvili says Russia’s moves triggered ‘serious crisis’
20. Russia to increase amount of peacekeepers in conflict zone
21. Russia versus NATO in the CIS
22. Russia wants to develop good-neighborly relations with Georgia
23. Lithuanian parliament calls on intl community to protect Georgia's integrity
24. Georgian minister to visit Moscow on 16 May
25. Georgian leader hails Western support in "international crisis" with Russia
26. Bullies of the Caucasus
27. Even silence is better than talentless diplomacy
28. South Caucasian cold war: Moscow and Tbilisi paused on the brink of danger
29. Saakashvili wants to get to Moscow, while Russian troops are in Abkhazia already
30. Russia and Georgia to continue Russia's WTO accession talks
31. Russia-Georgia WTO talks to be held in Geneva
Politics and elections
32. Koba Davitashvili came across an incident in western Georgia
33. Why the government will win the elections, and win big
34. What’s in a slogan?
35. This is more art than science, particularly in Georgia
36. Results of paralel count of ballots to be published on 22 May
37. Electoral bloc warns ruling party
38. ODIHR Interim Report No. 2
39. Kakheti’s Voice newspaper to spread electoral programs of all majoritarian candidates in three languages
40. Kavkazia TV company ceased broadcasting
41. GYLA considers restrictions on complete record of surveillance cameras contradicts principles of freedom
42. Central Bank keeps key rate at 12%
43. Construction of Turkish part of BTK railway set to begin in July
44. paper: The essence of economic reforms in postrevolution Georgia: What about the European choice?
45. MCG passed the resolution on funding of 10 projects under the project of development of agriculture
46. US navy ship arrives in Georgia for joint exercise

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