Tuesday, November 06, 2012

ARTICLE: Life for the poorest Georgians is quite bad. By Frank Klobucar (finchannel.com)

(finchannel.com) Bidzina, Mshia! Written by Frank Klobucar, GORBI
05/11/2012 00:43
The FINANCIAL -- Most understand that the quality of life for the poorest Georgians is quite bad. 

It would be reasonable, though, to think that the situation has been improving with the seemingly steady growth in GDP, right?  Unfortunately, this is quite untrue. The poor of Georgia are among the hungriest in the world, at least by self-assessment.
Georgian Opinion Research business International, with partners around the globe, carried out the most recent Global Barometer survey for WIN-Gallup International.  We asked respondents whether they had problems feeding themselves at any point over the last 12 months.  Worldwide, 12% of respondents said they often had too little to eat (3%) or that it was a problem sometimes (9%).  Georgians fared worse than that with a 62% “freedom from hunger,” a rate higher than only five other countries.
These numbers may seem radical, but we can find corroborating evidence in many surveys. GORBI has many times asked the question, “Which of the following best describes your family's financial situation?” In 2005, over half of respondents said they had enough money for food, but not for clothing; another 20% said they hadn’t enough money even for food.  These numbers have not improved, either.  In fact, 43% of respondents said they didn’t have enough money for clothing in 2012, and 37% had times where they could not afford enough food. 

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