Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TEMPORARY JOB: Coders will need to collect election manifestos of the relevant parties

The Manifesto Research Project on Political Representation (MARPOR) analyses party manifestos in over 50 countries since many years in order to gain comparable data on policy positions of parties in different countries over a long time span. In 2009 the Manifesto Project received long-term funding from the German Science Foundation (DFG). The grant funds the project through 2021 and includes funding for paid coding of political party manifestos.

Coders will need to collect election manifestos of the relevant parties and code these according to a special coding scheme. Before coders start with coding we ask all coders to complete a training period.

Payment: We pay all coders a flat-rate of €100,- for the training and €10,- for each manifesto collected. For each coded manifest we pay €150,-. In some cases where manifestos are very long this payment rate can be increased.

In general coders get two contracts, the first includes the training and collection. The training period normally takes about a month. It is done by email. Then the coder takes the entry test, which will show us if the coder has really understood everything about the coding scheme. The second contract is for production coding, depending on the numbers of manifestos needed to code and the workload the coder has besides his or her work for the MARPOR project this normally takes between 4-6 month. Time lines are very flexible and can be discussed with the individual coder. As soon as the contract is fulfilled even if that is before the deadline we can issue the payment.

Coders are currently needed for all three South Caucasian countries

Please contact Pola Lehmann at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB; Social Science Research Centre). Her e-mail address is:

Please let her know that you heard about this job from me.


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