Thursday, April 25, 2013

MUSIC: Sikha - George Sikharulidze, London, Britain (UK) (

Foto von Sikha( Originally from Georgia, Sikha (George) was soaked in classical jazz, rock and pop from very early age. Later he found alternative rock, fusion and electronica as the main sources of inspiration to start playing bass guitar, singing and founding Georgian alternative band Afternoon Version in mid 90s.

Since 2001 Sikha has been living in London. He pursued solo career producing mainly house music and started DJ-ing in early 2006. He has released several EPs and an album of collected tracks on New York label System Recordings, also had one off releases on German and Dutch labels. His DJ-ing has taken him to underground clubs of London and Berlin, also Spain and France.

Sikha’s DJ sets are mainly based on deep tech house but can be mixture of little bit of everything. He has not forgotten his influences so his mixes always carry very emotive, melodic and rich textures with unexpected changes of mood, subtle mysticism and they are strongly infused with funk dynamism and intelligent rhythm sections.


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