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SCIENCE: PUBL.- Journal of Central Asian and Caucasian Studies, Volume 3, Issue 6

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The new issue contains the following articles:


"Andijon'da Nima Bo'ldi?": Terror, Security and Democracy in Uzbekistan (in Turkish)
Author: Salih BICAKCI

Predicaments and Prospects in Uzbek Islamism: A Critical Comparison with the Turkish Case (in English)
Author: Ihsan YILMAZ

EU's Response to the Georgia Crisis: An Active Peace Broker or a Confused and Divided Actor? (in English)
Author: Omer KURTBAG

Revisiting "Sovereign" Tatarstan (in English)
Author: Matthew DERRICK

Formation, Rising, and Declining Processes of States in Eurasia: Turkish and Russian Cases (in Turkish)
Author: Omer Goksel ISYAR

The Caucasian Politics of the Ottoman State at the Beginning of the First World War (in Turkish)
Author: Reha YILMAZ

The Relationship between Population and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from the Central Asian Economies (in English)
Author: Bilal SAVAS

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