Monday, April 06, 2009

DOCUMENTARY: Nice Film about Sergej Paradshanow And Great Post In A Blog About Him ( Sergei Parajanov was a Soviet Georgian film director and artist, widely regarded as one of the 20th century's greatest masters of cinema. He invented his own unparalleled cinematic style. His oeuvre is extremely poetic, artistic and visionary and is acclaimed worldwide. - from Wikipedia.

A few days ago I randomly stumbled on a video using images of Sergei Parajanov's films. I was immediately in love. I've been searching the internet like crazy on more information, and trying to collect all his films. Today I watched Sayat Nova (The colour of Pomegranate). Every scene is like a moving painting, and it's impossible to take your eyes off of the screen.

To better understand the work of Sergei Parajanov, you should watch the following documentary that someone was kind enough to upload on youtube:


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Gayatri from India said...

Hello, I have almost all of Paradjanov's films after 'Colour of pomogranates', you can download them from piratebay.