Sunday, April 19, 2009

NEWS: 16 Apr 09 | Caucasus Reporting Service 489 (

Opposition Rallies Fail to Unseat Saakashvili
It looks as if the president may pull off his gamble to simply ignore the wave of protests demanding his resignation. By Dmitry Avaliani in Tbilisi (CRS No. 489, 16-Apr-09)
Copyright Pirates Defy Clampdowns in Azerbaijan
Flourishing market in fake products ensures intellectual property rights remain dead letter. By Maharram Zeynalov in Baku (CRS No. 489, 16-Apr-09)
Minority Schools in Georgia at Risk as Class Sizes Fall
Growing trend to opt for education in Georgian means future of Armenian schools in remote Marneuli region is uncertain. By Marika Tsikoridze in Marneuli and Gita Elibekian in Yerevan (CRS No. 489, 16-Apr-09)

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