Saturday, April 11, 2009

REPORT: Citizen media and the Tbilisi protests. By Onnik Krikorian. (

We've heard a lot about the use of social networking sites and services such as Twitter and Facebook by political activists in the past week, but opposition protests in Georgia have also shown that they are valuable tools in the hands of student and professional journalists alike.
As an editor for
Global Voices Online, a site which monitors and aggregates social media and blogs, had it not been for an online project to report on the protests, as well as the presence of fellow Frontline Club bloggers, things would have been very different indeed.
Despite lagging behind Armenia and Azerbaijan in terms of the quality and quantity of blogs, the work of the
GIPA Journalism School in Tbilisi, as well as that of Matthew Collin and Guy Degen, set new standards for the use of citizen media in the region during times of political upheaval.

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