Saturday, April 18, 2009

ART: Romantic German Painter From Sayatnova Street. Contemporary Art Mixed by Hans Heiner Buhr. (

I was very glad to read an article about my friend Hans Heiner Buhr in "Georgia Today". Almost 7 years I know him. He is german but I have known him in Georgia. And every time when I was there I met him and spent time with him together. It is amazing to have a german friend in the foreign space. Only there I had contact with him and we changed informations.

Paintings by Hans Heiner Buhr >>>

Also one of my favourite paintings is the "Mother of Georgia". And in the article I could read about this painting.
The first Painting he shows is “Mother of Georgia” from his earlier works. He laughs a lot when remembers the first reaction of the Georgian who saw it on the exhibit. He shows me the real “Mother of Georgia” from the window of the studio “Are they alike?” he asks. It’s impossible to keep off laughing. Actually the painting shows an old woman sitting in the chair and two beardy men with guns are standing on the background of her. Their faces are stern, ruthless and they look like robbers. It is exactly what the painter wanted to express. It was Georgia perceived from his eye – eyes of a German man who came from Europe and find out a world of his childhood dreams. “All my childhood I played in robbery and pretended to be a thief or robber who lives wildly in the mountains and my dreams almost came true, I’d never imagine it,” remembers Buhr his first impressions about Georgia that actually last long, until this days.
And until today we have contact through the internet. Heiner is a strong blogger. I mean he found the blog activities from there. I guess he was the first blogger from Georgia. Now he is also the owner of the blog from "Art Club Caucasus".
“I stayed here and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to promote myself as an artist, because I was completely apart from Berlin and galleries, cultural life and I didn’t know what was going on there. Then I came across to blogs and I understood that it was a great thing to promote my art. I realized that blog was better than just web-site, and launched my blog.”

He is very fond of internet. He does most of his works using internet and is a great promoter of it.

“Internet is a kind of medium bringing together all Caucasian artists. Caucasus and Georgia had no lobby for a long time, nobody was interested in this country, but there are really good artists here, and foreign artist got interested what’s going on here, in Caucasian phenomena, its romantic character. There came an idea to create art club Caucasus, where we have gathered different artists from all over the world, including Georgian artists living abroad. That is not just only bringing them together but promotes them, we have their works on the site and viewer can see and buy them or contact with authors,“ Buhr says. The blog is the place of one big gathering of the artists from Caucasus and people fond of the region with different styles, tastes and ways of expression.

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By Anna Chichinadze (17.04.2009)

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