Friday, April 17, 2009

CALL: Transkaukazja Festival: The International Art Festival of the Caucasus

Beata Szczesniak

Call for partners: Invitation to cooperation within our project

The Other Space Foundation is currently looking for partners from EU and EEA who would like to realize culture and arts projects with us and our partners from Caucasus and cooperate in the framework of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 (cooperation projects with third countries)

Requirements for Partners:

- be register in the one of the EU or EEA countries,
- have experience in work/cooperation with partners in Caucasus,
- would like to organize Traskaukazja activities in their own country

(eg concerts, exhibition, film festival) in the years 2010-2011, - would like to participate in the Transkaukazja activities (concerts, exhibition, film festival) which will be held in Poland and in the Caucasus in the years 2010; 2011, - be ready to cooperate with us as a co-organiser in the framework of the Culture Programme 2007 (deadline for the application 01.05.2009);

For any further question, information and discussion the terms of the collaboration you are welcome to contact us immediately:

Beata Szczeœniak

About the project

For several years the team of the Other Space Foundation organizes original art projects in cooperation with partners - independent artistic organizations from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Together we organize the only multidisciplinary, international festival of contemporary art inspired by the Caucasus ( as well as such events like alternative Polish days in Tbilisi - Art Zone Poland/Tbilisi. Implementation of the Transkaukazja 2010 - 2011 project will be a continuation of our activity in the field of intercultural dialogue in the Caucasus and will support the artistic activity as an example of good practice in cooperation with Caucasus and EU partners.

About the festival

The event brings closer one of the most intensive, multicultural parts of the world. Transkaukazja host cities become a bridge connecting East - still a subject to exploration with West, which looks for new inspirations. Despite internal conflicts, Caucasus is a starting point for many works of contemporary artists.

During the festival the audience has an opportunity of direct contact with contemporary art created in this one of the most culturally rich regions in the world: from visual art to theater, from cinema to dance, from music to photography. This event promotes multinational cooperation aimed at concrete results.


Transkaukazja 2011 is going to be already fifth edition of the festival. This year the organizers decided to extend the formula of the festival by taking new actions all over the Europe (eg. Estonia, Germany, France, Norway) and in the Caucasus.

More information about the planned activities can be sent to the people/organizations who/which will be interested.

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