Monday, October 26, 2009

DOCUMENTARY: Nowhere in Europe. By Kerstin Nickig (

International Competition Doc - DOK Festival 2009 (Leipzig)

DOK Leipzig, the largest German and second largest European documentary film festival will start its 52nd issue with an exciting programme and attractive offers in its individual sections. True to its tradition as the „Window to the World“ the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film again presents the best and latest animated and documentary films from more than 50 countries to its audience between October 26 and November 1, 2009.

Thursday 29.10, Wintergarten, 20.15
Friday 30.10, CineStar 6, 11.00

Director Kerstin Nickig
Production Michael Truckenbrodt, time prints OHG
Cut Karoline Schulz
Camera Piotr Rosolowski, André Frenzel, Jakub Bejnarowicz
Language tschetschenisch, russisch german as sub-title
89 min., Deutschland, Polen, 2009, Color

A film about the effects of European refugee policies on four refugees from the Chechnian conflict and their families. “As Salam Aleikum, Europe” – that is how the journalist Ali (39), who is waiting for the verdict on his asylum case in Poland, begins his diary. In his smoky room in the refugees’ home, he has more than enough time to note down his observations and thoughts about Europe and his own identity crisis in exile. Wacha (50) was granted asylum as a political activist in Austria, but his son is being persecuted in Russia. He tries everything to bring him to Europe. Tamara (55) lives in Vienna with her husband and daughter. Her handicapped daughter urgently needs medical treatment, but the family are living under the threat of deportation. Ruslan (33) is stuck in the Ukraine. He has no residence permit and no money. He hopes to be able to take his family to Western Europe soon. All protagonists have fled from Chechnia because their lives were in danger. They now face new problems as asylum seekers in Europe: man against the state apparatus. How do I prove that I am I? That what happened to me really happened to me? And: does anybody care at all?

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