Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PAINTING: Rainer Fetting, "Mauer am Südstern" and "The First Painting Of The Wall In Berlin" (galerie-borchardt.de)

SUBTITEL: Invitation for comming to the Caucasus !

Oil and sand on canvas, 70,9 x 94,5 in. / 180 x 240 cm, 1988

Dispersion on nettle, 63 x 74,8 in. / 160 x 190 cm, 1977

Three aspects I would like to term here. At first my friend Hans Heiner Buhr likes the art from Rainer Fetting very much. In twitter he invites him to come to the Caucasus: "artclubcaucasus: We would like to contact German painter Rainer Fetting and invite him for a landscape Plein-air in Georgia, Caucasus, how to contact him ?"

Otherwise it is interesting to see the discussion in and about the caucasus around this subject of wall and border. Saakashvili called weeks ago the russians would built a wall in the caucasus. There are a photo-exhibition in Tbilisi and Gori. They were a symbol for that. Photos of the war hung on a wall ... and should sign the break in the Caucasus. And this days we have a new discussion about the new security configuration in the Caucasus ... the reason is the change of the relation between Turkey and Armenia ... it could be possible that the wall or better the barbed wire is disappearing anytime ... But than you can have another problems with Karabakh ... Scott Taylor spoke: "Even positive gestures can cause trouble in Caucasus" What are you thinking about this? I don't know more ...

Anyway it is a good idea from Hans to invite Rainer Fetting in the Caucasus! And for the caucasians could be interesting to ask an artist from Germany how is the life under such difficult conditions of disunion, separation, segregation, resegregation, disestabblishment, secession, abreption, disconnection, cut-off from common relations and to lose one's reason ... (Ralph Hälbig)

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Hans said...

There has not been any other artist painting Berlin and the Wall as convincing as Fetting did !

We have a Plein-air-Weekend from Friday here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/CudcfiBcLX0HI0CH3FXibg?feat=directlink You see, this River is not a Wall