Friday, October 23, 2009

DOSSIER: The Armenians - Their History from the 8. c. BC until the 14. c. AD. By Raffi Kantian (

This brief account about the history of the Armenians starts with a tentative comparison of the different approaches - older and newer ones - concerning the origin of the Armenians. The period of Kingdom of Urartu is outlined while keeping an eye on the Armenians, both as part of the royal family and beyond it. The emergence of Armenia as a separate political entity after the fall of Urartu is described within the context of the rivalry of the dominant powers. The same approach is used for the later periods. Special emphasis is laid on the changes in the power structure after the event of Christianity and the invasion of the country by the Arabs. The paper ends with an outline of continuing traditions which have prevailed the times.

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