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NEWS: Georgia News Digest 08-10-08 (pdf)

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News is current as of noon Tbilisi time. Access to .ru sites is intermittently blocked in Georgia , and government sites and are under attack, so not many items from those domains

1. The Georgian war – minute by minute
2. Russian aggression fact sheet
Major news reports
3. Russia 'invades new province' as South Ossetia conflict escalates
4. Georgia declares 15-day 'state of war', as at least 2000 civilians left dead in Russia conflict
5. Pro-Kremlin enclaves surround Russian borders
6. 1,500 reported killed in Georgia battle
7. Russia is waging `full-scale war' over S. Ossetia, Georgia says
8. Prospect remains dim to solve South Ossetia conflict
9. Martial law declared in Georgia
10. Dmitry Medvedev says Georgia must pull out of South Ossetia
11. Russia, Georgia clash in breakaway statelet
12. video: Eyewitness: Scenes of panic in Gori (BBC)
13. video: Georgia declares state of war with Russia (CNN)
14. Medvedev sends emergencies minister to Ossetia
15. Russian air, ground forces strike Georgia
16. Georgia resumes shelling the South Ossetian capital
17. Russia 'invades new province' as South Ossetia conflict escalates
18. Georgia declares 15-day 'state of war', as at least 2000 civilians left dead in Russia conflict
19. Pro-Kremlin enclaves surround Russian borders
20. 1,500 reported killed in Georgia battle
21. Russia is waging `full-scale war' over S. Ossetia, Georgia says
22. Prospect remains dim to solve South Ossetia conflict
23. Martial law declared in Georgia
24. Dmitry Medvedev says Georgia must pull out of South Ossetia
25. Russia, Georgia clash in breakaway stateled

26. video: Eyewitness: Scenes of panic in Gori
27. video: Georgia declares state of war with Russia
28. Medvedev sends emergencies minister to Ossetia
29. According to Russian media sources, Russian journalist was wounded in the military action zone
30. Russian troops raid Georgian town; scores dead
31. audio: Today's developments in Georgia (NY Times)
32. video: “Thousands” dead in South Ossetia fighting (euronews)
33. video: Putin defends actions in South Ossetia (euronews)
34. Georgia and Russia nearing all-out war
35. Gori takes the brunt of the Russian blitz
36. Russian armor in, refugees out
37. Bitter fighting continues in Caucuses
38. audio: Violence escalates in Georgia (NPR)
39. Georgia withdraws troops from Tskhinvali, puts government on war footing
40. Abkhazia moves to flush out Georgian troops
41. Georgian Army may be tough nut for Russia to crack
42. Casualty tolls in Caucasus conflict
43. Uncertainty over who controls Georgia rebel capital
44. Russian bombs spread panic in Georgia
45. Georgia acts to cool investor fears as bombs fall
46. video: South Ossetian capital completely destroyed (Russia Today)
47. Russia prepares for naval blockade of Georgia
48. Crisis deepens as Russia snubs George W Bush's call to pull troops out
49. ‘Bodies are lying everywhere. It’s hell’
50. Russia, Georgia exchange fire as conflict escalates
51. Georgia: In 'state of war' over South Ossetia
52. Russian ships steam toward Georgia as conflict grows
53. Georgia sends troops from Iraq to South Ossetia
54. Hundreds die as Georgia war escalates
55. Thousands flee amid claims of atrocities
56. In a city upended by war, desperation and bravado
57. At least 2,000 have died in Tskhinvali - Russian Ambassador
58. War in the Caucasus: Inside the battle zone
59. 30,000 homeless as a chaotic conflict intensifies
60. Russia widens attacks as world pleads for peace in South Ossetia
61. Russian tanks roll into Georgia as cities burn
62. 'Planes are bombing us, fire is raging above. Somebody help'
63. Russian bear goes for West's jugular
64. Russia 'prepares to invade Georgia'
65. Russia hammers Georgia sites
66. Civilians slaughtered as Russian jets bomb Georgia as war rages
67. Georgia, Russia move closer to full-blown war
68. In streets of Gori, grief and resolve
69. Fear and anger among those left in besieged city
70. Shattered by strife, families try to rebuild
71. Russia expands bombing blitz in Georgia
72. Georgia's aggression gross violation of int'l law – Medvedev
73. Medvedev, Bush talk by phone about Ossetia
74. Sukhumi denies Georgia defeats attack by Abkhazian forces
75. Russian air, ground forces strike Georgia
76. Georgia resumes shelling the South Ossetian capital
Other news items
77. TV shows corpse of downed Russian fighter pilot
78. Georgia shot down Tu-22 bomber presumably with Ukrainian missile system
79. Georgian port town under air attack
80. Russian aircraft reportedly bomb airfield in western Georgia
81. Twelve Georgian soldiers killed in Russian air raid
82. Georgia shot down 10 Russian planes, seeks ceasefire by withdrawing
83. Russia attacking all of Georgia
84. Russian airborne forces bomb Georgia's pipelines
85. BP unaware of pipeline bombing in Georgia
86. BP says Georgian conflict hasn't affected production in country
87. Russian jets targeted major oil pipeline
88. Russia’s air strike targets factory outside Tbilisi
89. Russia bombs Georgian military airfield
90. Upper Kodori attacked
91. Strategic targets bombed across Georgia
92. ‘Dozens’ killed in Poti, Senaki bombings
93. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet blockades Georgia
94. video: Russia denies bombing Georgian cities (Russia Today)
95. Kodori Gorge comes under aerial attack
96. World Vision relief efforts begin in Georgia
97. Catholic Relief services readying response in Georgia
98. Agencies fear lack of access to South Ossetia
99. Rights groups warn of possible war crimes in Georgia republic breakaway region
100. State-owned Russian TV focuses on "humanitarian catastrophe" in South Ossetia
101. Rights groups say Ossetia fighting risks war crimes
102. Russians say they cleared South Ossetian capital
103. Over 30,000 Ossetian refugees flee to Russia
104. Georgian Jews flee from Russian border, expecting invasion
105. Jews called to head for Tbilisi, as hostilities between Georgia and Russia escalate
106. Georgian Jew reports of 'atmosphere of war'
107. Georgian athletes follow violence back home
108. Georgia president tells Games team to stay
109. Warm moment after Georgian, Russian win medals
110. Caucasus crisis worries Georgia, Russia teams
111. Russia, Georgia in Olympic embrace
International response
112. World urges Russia to curb onslaught
113. Russia's neighbours put on edge by war threat
114. At UN, Georgia ceasefire stalemate, Russia speaks of genocide and Kosovo
115. video: Second emergency UN meeting ends without deal (Russia Today)
116. video: UN Plaza: Georgia on our minds (
117. Russian ceasefire refusal dims UN hopes for peace
118. As UN Stalls on Georgia, Talk of Oil Pipelines and Armenia Airbases
119. U.N.'s Ban says Georgia conflict widening
120. NATO enters diplomatic minefield in Georgia-Russia battle
121. South Ossetia talks must be based on Georgian integrity: NATO
122. Russian NATO envoy says Russia is not at war
123. NATO envoy: Russia not at war, rejects cease-fire
124. NATO denies joining delegation to Georgia
125. Russian envoy to OSCE decries Georgia's "act of aggression"
126. OSCE head: Russian mediator days over in S. Ossetia
127. EU to hold emergency summit after Russia-Georgia clashes
128. EU foreign policy chief to hold more Georgia talks
129. Merkel to discuss S Ossetia, other issues during visit to Russia Aug 15
130. Statement by President Bush on the situation in Georgia
131. video: Bush says fighting must stop
132. U.S. says Russia uses "disproportionate" force
133. US official: Tblisi shares blame
134. US faults Russia for rising violence in Georgia
135. Western delegation in Tbilisi to negotiate ceasefire
136. US, Europe scramble to stop Georgia-Russia war
137. Caught off guard, Britain and US try to broker peace
138. Obama, McCain urge restraint in Georgia
139. McCain, Obama step up criticism of Russia over Georgia
140. Candidates’ reactions to Georgia conflict offer hints at style on foreign affairs
141. Condemning Russia
142. ‘Invasion of Georgia’ a ‘3 a.m. moment’
143. Joint statement on Georgia by Presidents of Poland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
144. Donald Maclaren: Georgia is Britain's friend - and a vital route for energy
145. British-Georgian military exercises in doubt
146. Bildt urges Russian restraint in Georgia
147. Sweden evokes Hitler in condemning Russian assault
148. Kouchner calls on Georgia, Russia to stop conflict
149. French president demands South Ossetia cease-fire
150. France urges Russia, Georgian forces to retreat
151. Slovenia concerned over escalating violence in Georgia
152. Pope appeals for 'wisdom' to prevail over S Ossetia
153. Slovak opposition SDKU criticises Russian intervention in Georgia
154. Polish President calls Russian activity in Georgia "act of aggression"
155. Prague worried by escalating conflict in Georgia, calls for talks
156. Seven Czechs leave Georgia, no Czech in area of fighting
157. Hungary Foreign Ministry warns against travel to Georgia
158. Bulgaria is concerned due to the situation in South Ossetia
159. Ukraine rejects "third-party interference" in Georgia-Ossetia conflict
160. Moscow accuses Kyiv of facilitating Georgia’s invasion of S. Ossetia by selling arms to It
161. Ukraine willing to help stop hostilities in S. Ossetia
162. Armenian citizens didn’t suffer in Georgian-South Ossetian clashes
163. Armenian Defense Minister: "I think we should be more vigilant and solidary due to events in Georgia"
164. Situation in South Ossetia hits Armenia
165. RA Defense Minister calls for vigilance
166. RA Defense Ministry: Russian planes don’t take off from Armenia to raid Georgia
167. Musavat party: "The UNSC should give adequate reaction to events in Georgia and support its territorial integrity"
168. video: Georgia calls upon Azerbaijan to support it
169. Azerbaijan halts oil exports from 2 Georgian ports
170. Khazar Ibrahim: "None of our compatriots have suffered from the air attacks on Marneuli region of Georgia"
171. Paper examines impact of South Ossetia unrest on Turkey, oil supply
172. Erdogan talks to Georgian president on the phone
173. Vietnam concerned about South Ossetian conflict
174. Japan urges immediate cease-fire in South Ossetia
175. Moldovan rebel region speaker says Georgia's actions "inhuman"
176. Foreign Ministry warns Israelis against traveling to Georgia
177. Georgia violence / A frozen alliance
178. Israel Foreign Ministry: Halt arms sales to Georgia
179. Georgian fighting drives out Israeli security consultants
180. War in Georgia: The Israeli connection
Opinion and analysis
181. Scenarios for Georgia's South Ossetia crisis
182. Our territorial integrity is indisputable
183. Russia out to sabotage neighbour's NATO bid
184. audio: Georgia declares “state of war” as Russian bombing continues (France 24)
185. Georgia in state of war with the Russian Federation
archived at on August 9

186. Bush administration behind conflict between Russia and Georgia

187. Independence in South Ossetia or World War III?
188. A Ruso-Georgian media war in South Ossetia
189. Russia doesn’t see Nagorno Karabakh as they do South Ossetia
190. Situation in South Ossetia has reached the limit, when Saakashvili was not able to close eyes on the occupation
191. US expert tells Georgians not to expect western intervention
192. U.S. holds little leverage over Russia in skirmish in Georgia
193. The blame game
194. War in the Caucasus
195. War in Georgia: Yawns and kneejerks in America
196. Caucasus violence took Europe by surprise
197. US has political, economic stake in farflung spat
198. Russia invades Georgia while the West watches. How did it come to this?
199. video: Interview:Viktor Mizin (Russia Today)
200. video: Interview:Aleksandr Pikaev (Russia Today)
201. Georgia clash provides a lesson on the United States’ need for Russia
202. Taunting the Bear
203. Is this the first war between Russia and a former Soviet state?
204. Is the Georgian war as important to G.W. Bush: No oil here
205. How Russian attacks in Georgia affects the West
206. A splendid little war
207. Soviet aggression re-emerges
208. Russia: Again savior of peace and life
209. History has hijacked the Russian and Georgian states
210. Georgia is under attack by Russia
211. The situation in South Ossetia could end with its recognition
212. Roots of the South Ossetia conflict
213. Small wars have a nasty habit of getting bigger: Russia is playing with fire on its southern borders
214. Ignore the day-to-day, and also bloggers
215. Russia strikes a blow at its fears of Nato encirclement
216. Huffing and puffing in Georgia
217. On Georgian border, a fight with a history and regional consequences
218. Raping Georgia
219. The bear lashes out
220. The curse of the Caucasus
221. video: The great Russian bear is roused (Sky News)
222. Diplomacy is essential to stop this conflict spreading
223. Primordial vocalist checks in
224. Georgia's unnoticed unrest
225. Q & A - Violence in South Ossetia [excerpt]
226. The return of Cold War diplomacy
227. Georgian leader chose his moment
228. This is no longer about the future of a tiny far-away country but about the nature of world order in the 21st century
229. Independent-minded, proud nation that is not afraid to court Russia's displeasure
230. The conditions that gave rise to all out war between Russia and Georgia
231. Russia's role in Georgia’s conflict
232. Could South Ossetia become Kosovo?
233. Georgia and Russia can still step back from the brink
234. A war on our blind side
235. History repeating
236. Oil and prestige fuel the 'New Cold War'
237. Putin's power play and a big gamble
238. War in the Caucasus
239. US training gives Georgia military advantage
240. Russia demands to be regarded as number one
241. Georgia takes on impossible odds
242. Russia, Georgia, and the Western Alliance
243. Without war declaration
244. Beyond the war of words
245. This bloody conflict must be stopped
246. Saakashvili's Rose Revolution dreams at risk
247. The peace worth fighting for
248. Putin: Georgia commits crime against its own people
249. Putin visits Russian city near South Ossetia
250. Putin defends Russia's actions in S. Ossetia
251. Russia says Georgia seeking "bloody adventures"
252. video: Putin to take care of South Ossetian refugees (Russia Today)
253. video: Keeping peace in South Ossetia is our obligation: Russia's FM (Russia Today)
254. Russia’s ceasefire terms
255. Putin: Georgia’s S. Ossetia move blow to its statehood
256. Putin decries "genocide" at meeting with refugees in North Ossetia
257. Russia to allocate over $418m for S. Ossetia housing reconstruction
258. Abkhaz troops moved closer to Georgian forces

259. Russia-Georgia unrest worries Fargo parents
260. Georgian expats pray for peace in their homeland
261. Georgian immigrants protest outside Russian embassy
262. video: War victim trapped in basement with son’s body (Russia Today)
263. video: Abkhazia starts war with Georgia (Russia Today)
264. Tskhinvali diary
265. Medvedev explains the South Ossetian Situation to the U.S.
266. Professor inside hot zone
267. Bush-Medvedev discuss Russo-Georgia conflict
268. Saakashvili calls on Russia for ceasefire and talks
269. MIA: Java and Roki tunnel are next targets
270. Senior Russian military commander injured
271. video: Families flee attacked Georgian town (Sky News)
272. Declaration of Universal Mobilization by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili
273. Voice of America doubles Republic of Georgia coverage
274. Religious leaders of Russia issue a call for the bloodshed to end in South Ossetia
275. Georgian force to leave Iraq
276. My fears for my family in Georgia, by pop star Katie Melua
277. Heartbreaking phone call from woman trapped as missiles fall
278. Tbilisi residents defiant in face of Russian military might
279. Moscow accuses Georgia of ‘genocide’
280. Georgian forces 'regrouping' after heavy overnight fights
281. Russian ombudsman proposes setting up intl tribunal on S Ossetia
282. RBN (Russian Business Network) now nationalized, invades Georgia Cyber Space
images at
283. RF plane with medics, hospital arrives in N Ossetia to help S Ossetia refugees
284. Russian military deny South Ossetia access tunnel blown up
285. South Ossetians urge Russia to recognise breakaway region
286. Georgian Government is working on evacuating the journalists stuck in Tskhinvali
287. Breakaway republics "right to be afraid" -
288. Russian youth movements hold rally outside Georgian embassy
289. Pro-Kremlin youth, upper house say Georgian president should be tried
290. Russian border guards step security on the Georgian border
291. Abkhazia aviation delivers missile strikes on Georgian units in Kodori
292. Kokoity leading S. Ossetian army unit in Tskhinvali
293. Georgia stops rebroadcasts of Russian TV channels
294. Tbilisi blocks all websites of .ru domain
295. Georgian leader urges nation to endurance in "great patriotic war" with Russia
296. Georgia controls separatist capital, "all strategic heights"
297. Journalist left Russian TV channel in protest of the Russian military aggression against Georgia
298. “Internews”: we demand that bombing of our country and our servers be stopped!”
299. Martial law declared in Georgia – the country’s under all-out military aggression from the Russian Federation
300. Speaker called upon Georgian media and public not to believe the “gossips” spread of Russian TV channels
301. As a result of cyber attack one of the leading internet portals “Georgia Online” stopped functioning
302. Military operation in South Ossetia wasn’t abrupt
303. Georgia parliament approves a "state of war"
304. Saakashvili calls for immediate ceasefire
305. Georgia says destroyed 40 Russian tanks
306. Medvedev: Russian troops enforcing peace
307. Russia confirms its two jets downed
308. Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
309. Boris Berezovski: "It is now clear to all that Dmitri Medvedev is an absolute puppet "
310. Georgian ballet at Edinburgh festival: we fear for our families
311. Tbilisi, Batumi airports still functioning
312. Essential equipment will be sent to Tskhinvali
313. Russia entitled to severing all ties with Georgia
314. Russia not waging war against Georgia, performing peacekeeping mission
315. S. Ossetia asks Russia to render legal assistance in gaining independence
316. Georgian railways function as usual
317. Georgian army continues to shell Tskhinvali
318. Luzhkov brands Georgia’s actions in S. Ossetia as genocide
319. Russian Defense Ministry has not received any ceasefire proposal from Georgia
320. According to Russian media sources, Russian journalist was wounded in the military action zone

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