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New Eurasia Foundation: stabilizing Northern Caucasus: Development of Institutional Conflict-Prevention Mechanisms (

Press release of 12 November 2008

Tuesday 31 March 2009, by Emanuele G. - 17 letture

The "Stabilizing Northern Caucasus: Development of Institutional Conflict-Prevention Mechanisms" project is supported by the Secretary for State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (British Embassy, Moscow).

The goal of the project is to facilitate the processes of mutual adaptation of migrants, refugees, and recipient communities in the pilot areas of Northern Caucasus by promoting and creating multilateral partnerships and by introducing effective institutional conflict-prevention mechanisms.

The project will help design complex regional approaches to management of interethnic conflicts based on sociological research results and international experiences.

The project will establish five regional Centers for Social Cohesion (CSCs) designed to:

- Support socially vulnerable groups of citizens from among migrants, refugees, and displaced persons;

- Stimulate interpenetration of cultures;

- Facilitate alleviation of the consequences of social inequality and exclusion in various spheres of the public life;

- Provide forums for a dialogue between bodies of power, nongovernmental and non-commercial organizations, entrepreneurial and journalist communities, etc. required to identify interdependence between various causes and preconditions of interethnic conflicts, to facilitate interpenetration of cultures and economies, and to reduce xenophobia and the fear of migrants;

- Facilitate creation and dissemination of social regulation mechanisms.

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