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ART: TRAM / TRansform Art Module (

TRAM (Transform Art Module) Foundation – a Georgian, non-governmental, non-profit organization, which has several years of experience in the field of contemporary art as an informal group uniting an ever expanding number of artists and organizing cultural events utilizing innovative ideas, platforms and venues. Building on this experience, we have decided to organize formally around same goals of advocating and popularizing contemporary art and supporting its development in Georgia through assisting Georgian artist, promoting cooperation between Georgian and foreign artists, especially from the neighboring countries, and supporting modern business practices in the cultural field.

Our team is a group of professional curators and artist, providing and representing multidisciplinary forms of art. The group comes up with different ideas and creates and curates projects through working with other groups, organizations, as well as individual artists.

TRAM is interested in expanding borders of existing art spaces (museums, galleries, theaters, etc) by trying to utilize other social spaces as well as outdoor spaces as much as possible. Through art TRAM tries to focus attention of public on the pressing issues of society and art in wide variety of spheres.

TRAM was founded by Ana Riaboshenko (artist/curator) and Marta Tabukashli, (architect/curator) in 2003. The group has been organizing around its virtual domain – the web page . The idea of this site was to be a medium between different artists, to bring them together for different projects. Since its inception, TRAM has been being utilized by over 20 artists and number of projects has been implemented.

TRAM projects :

* 2007 an iternational art project ONE STOP/ OSI, TMU, Ministry of Culture, Municipality Office,
* 2006 - Curating Russian and Ukrainian parts, Caucasus Biennale Declaration, Tbilisi 2006, partnership wish Art Caucasus Association/supported by Tbilisi Municipality Office for Education & Culture; Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection
* 2005 - Project- Soviet Party , Club Berlin, March 15
* 2005 - Project-performance at the Club Berlin , February 25, Ganjalupi
* 2005 - Projects EBOC( Emotional Bank Of Caucasus) and Social Space, Tbilisi Art Caucasus 2005, Georgia, supported by ANABECHDI magazine (video- performance, objects, the Art Caucasus CD)
* 2005 - Project Apotheke?, Stuttgart, Germany, supported by WESTEND APOTHEKE Stuttgart.
* 2005 - Mziuri festival New Military Form , Test , Tbilisi
* 2005 - Workshop Exposition, organized by group TRAM in the Art College Of Iakob Nikoladze, Tbilisi
* 2005 - Workshop"Tseroebi miprinaven" Art Villa, Akhalkalaki, Georgia /in the open space/
* 2004 - Project TRAM presentation, N Gallery, Tbilisi
* 2004 - "Tbilisoba" City Day /public space/ installation, video, movement, photo/
* 2004 - Project TRAM presentation, ART CAUCASUS 2004, Tbilisi, Georgia
* 2004 - Project TEVZI/FISH, Kodzjori, Georgia
* 2003 - Project co-curating - International Art Project Georgia: From/To, N Gallery Organized by National Center of Modern Arts, Moscow and International Association Advancement, Tbilisi (project CD, short film) supported by OSGF and National Centre for Contemporary Arts /Moscow/

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