Thursday, May 28, 2009

BLOG: Paul Rimple about the Opposition around the Stadion of Tbilisi (

Paul Rimple descriped on his blog remarkable meetings with different people around the stadion from the opposition rally. Cynical words, insults and much more could you listen there. Constructive speach? That is the question ...

Interesting is the analysis from Paul when he wrote about Zurab Zhvania:

In 2001, Speaker of Parliament, Zurab Zhvania told a group of university students that when he and his friends dared think of the future in the 1980s, the equation was black and white. "We always deeply believed that as soon as communism ends, as soon as we are separated from Moscow, Georgia will automatically become a country like Switzerland or Belgium," he stated.
The late Rose Revolutionary said that such a concept was an illusion that cost thecountry a lot. It is an illusion that continues today as the opposition sends the same message to thousands of dissatisfied people. Vote for us and everything will be OK before the next wine harvest.

Paul Rimple descriped Shalva Natelashvili as "a drunk, every country needs a blabber-mouthing populist. [...] Although Natelashvili received a generous ovation, the show stealer was Utsnobi, who entered the stadium on the shoulders of his disciples. After his teary-eyed victory lap, the rock and roll political activist ran out to the giant Georgian flag on the middle of the pitch, prostrated himself and kissed it, to the cheers of the crowd.

Paul Rimple speak about the pseudo-revolution without plans and perspectives. He called this phenomen Airbag Nation. It means: "It is like a runaway car careening downhill without a driver. Airbags aren’t gong to help when the car crashes. In fact, the airbags are responsible for the whole mess

more about Nino Burjanadze, Eka Beselia, Utsnobi >>>

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Anonymous said...

Paul Rimple is a well-know gay basher in Tbilisi and this is well confirmed in some of his articles written for Georgia Today. I am surprised that he is able to get his articles published anywhere based on his documented background.