Sunday, May 31, 2009

FESTIVAL: CaucasusRock Fest 12/13 June. Vake Park. (


(Rock, Alternative, Indie.)
Since 1995

~Caucasus Rock Festivals~ is the first independent, traditional, small-budget, non commercial festival in the Caucasus

The aim of the ~Caucasus Rock Festivals~ is to build an ifrastructure for Caucasus music & to create a stable stage for musicians in Azarbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, where thay can promote, present & develope there music

~Caucasus Rock Festivals~ exists since 1995 & it was the first bold step in creating the style of Georgian alternative music. The festival was one of the bases that contemporary culture was built upon in the Caucasus. New names & new hits had occurred!

The festival gives priorities to women composers/musicians & to deepening their role on the stage of contemporary art.

We will prove that non-standard ways to promote peace works & can contribute to a peaceful settlement of conflicts in our region and in the world as a whole.

~Caucasian Factory Of Contemporary Art~
20/25 Machabeli St,
Tbilisi 0105,
Georgia, Republic of
Office: + 995 32 98 27 79
Mob: + 995 97 20 70 98

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